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Scarlett To Jenna: Hell, No!

Heidi Joy Pike writes for YNOT:

CYBERSPACE — Despite Jenna Jameson’s reported insistence to the media at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego that Oscar-nominated mainstream actress Scarlett Johannson would be portraying her in an upcoming film, Johannson’s people say that it isn’t so.

A spokesperson for Johannson told, “Scarlett has never seen a script nor been approached about this project. She also has no interest in playing this role.”

Bob Preston at XBiz emails:

I know it’s fairly big news that Johansson turned down this role, but for the record, XFANZ reported this back in April.


And all it took was a simple phone call and e-mail to Johansson’s publicist.

“There have been no discussions regarding the Jenna biopic,” he said. “I think this is a one-sided wish by Jenna.”

XBIZ’s recent article on Jameson’s appearance at Comic-Con reflected this.

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