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Scarlit Scandal Scores Two Pornhub Awards Nominations for 2020

(Los Angeles, CA / November 18, 2020) — Rising adult talent Scarlit Scandal has been honored with two Pornhub Awards nominations this year to celebrate her achievements within the industry.

Scandal is nominated for ‘Top Lesbian Performer’ and in the Fan Voting category of ‘Favorite Newcomer’, and her supporters can help her win the top prize by going online to the site and casting their ballots.

“I’m super-excited to earn my very first Pornhub Award nomination!” said Scandal of the high-profile nod. “I am quietly screaming about it on the inside while remaining completely calm on the outside.

“Seriously, I’m a big fan of so many performers in this business, and this nomination is a huge deal to me… it’s a sign that I’m doing something that makes people happy, and I appreciate every single person who has supported me this year. Thank you!”

The Florida-born star has only worked in the industry for a year, but that hasn’t stopped her from cultivating an incredible fan base of loyalists who watch her every move. Her ‘Scandal Squad’ already includes more than 380,000 social media followers on her busy Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Fans can vote for Scarlit Scandal through their PornHub accounts (membership is free) every 24 hours through, and subscribe to her official channel at

The 3rd Annual Pornhub Awards will be held December 15, 2020, virtually at

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