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SCARY SAD Chasey Lain Videos

SCARY SAD Chasey Lain Videos

They are entitled- Chasey Lain Hits Rock Bottom

You can watch them  if you click here. I don’t want to slow down my front page.

I heard about this happening at a set in porn valley, but I finally got to watch the videos today. Shot in Donny Long’s Studio on June 17th, Chasey Lain’s disconnected rambling, hazy stupor, and temper tantrum are caught on film.

Although cliche’, ‘shell of her former self” is the only phrase I can think of to describe the way she looks. When I asked my in the biz friend if he knew who he was watching on the vid, he said,  “No idea.” 

My response of Chasey Lain brought a- “No way! Oh my god, it IS her. She looks like a homeless drug addict.”

According to a male voice on the tape, (probably Donny Long), she is a drug addict. You can hear something like,  Get your shit,  take your meth and get out of my studio you crack whore!

A short while before this though, that ” homeless drug addict” had pulled up in a Rolls Royce. 

 Random of interest-
    During the make-up chair interview Chasey is asked about the last time she had sex. She says she doesn’t kiss and tell. The camera man says was it a private? She asks what a private is.
    About her up-coming scene with Chris Charming-Chasey saysI don’t care what he looks like, it’s money. He looks like a dollar sign. I don’t even care if his dick works, pina colada mix and stunt cock.
    Chasey doesn’t want to shoot hard core stills and a video, because she says that is two scenes and she should be paid for two scenes.
    Chasey is sitting on the toilet. Says she is bleeding and wants to do the scene with a tampon in.
    3 1/2 hours later the director says they need to roll.
    4 hours now, and he is trying to get her to put some clothes on to do the stills.
    They are trying to take the stills but she is jerking all over the place and looks about to fall over. it just keeps getting worse. Oh, and although you can’t see this in the video, Chasey forgot to bring her test along. You have to watch this train wreck for yourself…..

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