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Scent of Exotic Mushroom Gives Women Orgasms!

Mushroom Gives Wome Spontaneous Orgasms

The sense of smell is a powerful thing. We’ve all heard it before, when you want to set the mood be sure to tantalize all of her senses. There is certainly no shortage of scented lubes, body lotions and other aromatic products on the market to help stimulate a woman but it appears that mother nature has science beat!

Recent chatter on Reddit has rekindled an interest in a titillating study found within a 2001 publication of the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms. This particular study showed that an exotic mushroom found in the South Pacific has very special aromatic effects. Just the smell of the fresh fungus can drive a woman to orgasm. Something tells me that’s been the most popular issue of the Journal to date! Sploosh!

The Quest for the Sploosh Shroom!

Before you all jump on boats, hovercraft, hot air balloons or any other manner of transportation in a race to capture the “Magical Orgasm Mushrooms”; hold on! Oh don’t worry there isn’t a catch, you can still turn your next week into an orgasm-fueled “Cannonball Run”, we just wanted to share the mushroom’s name and show you a photo.

Hawaiian Stinkhorn

You’re on the hunt for: The Hawaiian Stinkhorn
(No, We didn’t make that up)

The research team obviously found their mushroom samples in Hawaii but local legends across the entire South Pacific in places like Polynesia, Tahiti and the Marquesas all make reference to the satisfying effect of the mushroom. Is it just coincidental that the Hawaiian Stinkhorn is phallic in shape? Probably not.

The Satisfying Science!

Knowledge brings power…and spontaneous orgasms! Strap in folks, this ain’t your daddy’s same old boring science class. Let’s get nerdy and dirty!

The results first appeared in Volume 16, Issue 1 of the 2001 International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms. The abstract or summary is still available online here.  The title of the study remarkably sounds boring and somewhat hot all at the same time, “Spontaneous Female Orgasms Triggered by the Smell of a Newly Found Tropical Dictyophora Desv. Species”. That’s a real mouthful, but the “Spontaneous Female Orgasms” part certainly caught my attention.

The work was done by John C. Holliday, Noah Soule of Next Laboratories and Aloha Medicinals. In their trials they found that 6 out of 16 women experienced spontaneous orgasms immediately after smelling samples of fresh Stinkhorn. I like those odds! While the remaining woman didn’t get to enjoy the “big O” they did report other physiological effects. The remaining 10 women experienced an increase in heart rate.

Any good scientist knows you need the whole picture so Holliday and Soule also exposed 20 men to the smell of the mushroom. Thankfully they were not hit with a tsunami of cum as guys jizzed spontaneously themselves, but instead 100% of men tested considered the smell to be repulsive. Wow men and women differ in so many ways!

Practical and Practically Awesome Applications!

We should all take a moment to ponder what are the real-world implications and uses for an orgasm inducing mushroom. This could be something really big!

Imagine for a moment that the smell of the Hawaiian Stinkhorn could be bottled and sold as a cologne or body spray. I can just see the outlandish Axe commercials now! Or maybe a sophisticated perfume that smells so damn good that women never leave their homes.

Cum by

That poses another question; could the orgasmic effect of the Hawaiian Stinkhorn be weaponized in some way? Could we see a Terrorist organization take advantage of a populace in a very unique way? Depending on your perspective this could be an origin story for the best or worst Batman villain ever!

The Orgasm - Batmans Deadliest Foe

Jokes aside, there are many women out there who have been unable to have an orgasm for one reason or another. The practical application of this special little Sloosh Shroom could make all the difference in the world for women with sexual dysfunctions or problems with intimacy. We’re interested to see new developments as they unfold.

As brave researchers continue to trek through jungles and tropical Islands for new and exciting aphrodisiacs,  we eagerly await their findings. Science is fun! The last time I heard of a mushroom this powerful, I was saving Princess Peach from Bowser in a far away castle. If only Mario knew about the Hawaiian Stinkhorn, he could have given the Princess a mighty power up!

Can you think of a use for the Hawaiian Stinkhorn? Leave a comment or share your opinion on Twitter @worldsbestporn

Want to learn more? Click Here to view the abstract for the study or pick up a copy of the full Issue!

International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms

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