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Scott P. Santodonato Releases Coffee Table Sophisticate Santodonato Seeing (The Art of Santodonato)

Scott P. Santodonato

Strip LV Magazine editor/publisher and legendary photographer, Scott P. Santodonato, has released a glorious, sophisticate, coffee table book, Santodonato Seeing (The Art of Santodonato), a gorgeous collection of the world’s most stunning women who have had the pleasure to be photographed by him.

“My work has been an arduous journey. It’s been a long and winding road getting to this point, and the bumps in the path have helped shape my art and me into the photographer that I am today. I’ve shot many muses at this point, and I’ve learned so much. I’ve determined that by stripping everything away and making things simple and actually just seeing someone,” says Santodonato. “I mean really seeing them, seeing who they are, seeing their soul, seeing what brings out their confidence—is the real deal. When I can get to that place, I know I’ve got gold. It’s about trying to see the true essence of the subject I am capturing. It’s about finding their true self and amplifying it in a way to bring out the beauty that they possess. When you honestly see someone and learn their story of how they made their path, then the world around you becomes a more vividly beautiful and unique place.”

The 200-page hardcover book is a true collector’s item with a high-quality heavy white print paper bound, numbered and signed by Santodonato himself.

You may purchase your copy of Santodonato Seeing here .

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