FSC’s Lotus Lain Tries To Fight APAG Board Member

How great is this? FSC, the de-facto champion activists of

The James Bartholet JB Collection #LiquidCocaine

When I saw this I thought it was a joke. 

That Time Nina Elle Lied About Society 15 Being Licensed

I feel like I’ve spent way to much time on

Society 15 Says TRPWL Is Lying About Them Not Being Licensed

A week or so ago, TRPWL posted an in depth

VIP Connect’s Shy Love Hates Thick Girls

Not sure what’s more shocking, Shy Love hating on thick

Jessica Jaymes Passes Away

Per TMZ, Jessica James has passed away at 43. Jessica

Scam Porn Union Endorses Massachusetts Senate Candidate Shannon Liss-Riordan. Say What?

The PORN union appears to be endorsing, and or, sending

Society 15 No Longer A Licensed Agency

Word to the wise, be careful who you passively threaten,

The Greatest James Bartholet Story Ever Told

Some of you may not know this, but I don’t

Society 15 Model Carolina Cortez Questioned in Death Of Rapper Mac Miller

The Society 15 connection is 2 fold, Carolina Cortez is

Bambino Beating Up Chicks? No Fucking Way

This is one of those, same thing different day posts.

Breaking Fucking News: Axel Braun Casts TWO African Americans IN THE SAME FILM

Urban X Hall Of Famer Axel Braun has filled his

Did BangBros “Destroying” PornWikiLeaks Data Hinder An Investigation? UM NO

I’m amazed at how many people are dumb enough to

BangBros Buys PWL, Immediately Takes It Down

AVN’s Dan Miller is reporting that PWL was bought by

Kosame Dash On How NOT To Use The N-Word

There are rules to using the N-word, like say you

More Shenanigans From Scam Union #APAG #IEAU #PornUnion

Since the inception of the ” porn union” a word

Trigger Warning For BI CIS Gender Fluid Horses: Leigh Raven Retires From Porn

Leigh, fresh off being 86’d from a fake awards show

Shady Sandra Stories Part2, Plus How To Get Out From Under Her Referral Fees

After we ran the first story about OC Modeling figure

What Do The Rub PR’s Erika Icon, Charlie Sheen, & HIV Positive Talent All Have In Common?

Erika, scumbag PR to scumbags wrote up another masterpiece today:

Leigh Raven Gets New Doo Just In Time For The Fake Urban X Awards

Professional victim Leigh Raven got her hair done for the