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Seka Interview- Part 1 of 3

Legendary Adult Movie Star Seka Sits Down with RSR to Talk about Her Career and Love for the Sport of Boxing Part I of 3
 April 11th, 2010  Bad Brad

Exclusive Interview by “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

“I really was one of the true frontiers women of this business who stood up and fought for our First Amendment rights so we would be able to do what we are doing today.”–Seka

In the 1980’s Adult Movie Industry, you had one name that if you admitted that you did in fact, watch Adult movies in the confines of your own home, or in a local Adult Movie Theater, you know you had at the top of your list of favorite female stars, Seka.  She was the platinum blonde bombshell who was ahead of her time in her industry. It’s an industry if you like it or not, is a multi-million dollar business today, with numbers continuing to rise.  Well, in any industry, you must have those founding pioneers that set things in motion. In mainstream movies you had the John and Lionel Barrymore’s who took film from silent reels to an audio/video mix, thus creating an industry for modern day stars to make a very nice living.  In boxing, you had fighters such as Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis and Henry Armstrong, to name just a few, that moved their industry forward so fighters such as Oscar De La Hoya and Mike Tyson could make the many millions they have.

In the Adult Movie industry, you had Linda Lovelace whose film “Deep Throat” brought Adult Movies to the forefront that would go on to have “The Devil In Miss Jones” come out in the early 70’s and take it to another level. With the VHS tape coming out and taking adult movies now into the bedrooms, living rooms or just about anywhere that you could place a VCR in the 1980’s, you were no doubt watching Seka.  She enabled future Adult Movie stars today such as Jenna Jameson to make the large paychecks she does.

Whether you like the Adult movie industry or you don’t, it cannot be denied that Seka was and is a Pioneer of that genre of movies.  If you are open-minded, then you will agree that she deserves that respect, and if not, then you are also entitled to your opinions.

In talking with Seka, there is a lot more than meets the eye here… Years ago, she was labeled unfairly as “Difficult” to work with.  Well, if you define difficult as wanting to get paid for the efforts you put in and in her case, not just on the screen, but everything associated with the promotion of a film, then yes, she is “Difficult.”  But in reality, who doesn’t want to be compensated for the fruits of their efforts?  So let’s be honest here, “Difficult” is word that has been used over the last several years really more to use someone, then to fairly pay them for the work put in and when they refuse that utter nonsense, they are labeled as  “Difficult.”

This interviewer found the complete opposite in all my dealings with her.  In fact, she was so accommodating; it made the interview flow and allowed us to bring you exclusive pictures from her private collection of copyrighted photos.
In this very revealing interview, you will read Seka’s thoughts on a myriad of items in the Adult Movie industry, but not to stop there, she is also a huge boxing fan who worked off the ropes, stuck out her jab, and threw her uppercut when she answered the boxing questions thrown at her.  She pulls no punches on anything that was asked of her and for a lady that doesn’t do too many interviews; she seemed to really enjoy this one.  So without further ado…

Ladies and Gentlemen, RSR brings the One and Only Seka…    
BB:  Since your departure from the adult movie industry about 16 years ago, what have you been up to?
I have been working on my website,, which I try to keep it as up to date as I can for the fans who I really appreciate.  Lately I have been doing a lot of personal appearances such as “Chiller Theater” for Sci-Fi Shows, Comic Book Shows and Toy Shows.  I did a recent comic book show (personal appearance) with Lou Gossett, JR., Adam West (played the original Batman), and Julie Newmar (played the original Catwoman) at the Detroit Comic Con.
For years in Chicago, before I moved out West, I was the host of a Radio Talk Show called “Let’s Talk Sex” for WLUP (97.9 FM).  We were on 10:00 PM – 2:00 AM every Saturday night.  Obviously that is not primetime meaning Drive Time for folks who listen to the radio on their way to work in the morning.  Most people are out Saturday night and not listening to their radios. Well, I am proud to say, we beat Danny Bonaduce who was on five days a week, during drive time.
I did the radio show for about three years. We talked about anything and everything about sex and I think it helped a lot of people out there.  We are working with a gentleman in London to redo a documentary that was done about me a couple of years back called “Desperately Seeking Seka” also a reality (maybe a round table type of thing) television show. Finally, in the fall, we are going to come out with a line of bookends from the two characters I played in “Careful He May Be Watching.”  Sure, you can put books in between them, but it would be so much more fun to say, to have my movies there.  (Laughs) So as you can see, I have a lot on my plate and really love it!

BB:  How did you first get into Adult Movies?
I had seven Adult Book Stores in Virginia and Maryland that I owned.  In the back of the stores at that time, you had the movies and you would have to loop the movies.  So I would have to fix the movies when they broke and of course, I ended up watching a lot of movies.  Well, I saw these ladies doing Adult Films back then and felt that was a nasty representation of women.  I thought to myself that I can do it and do it better than that.  That is how I came into the industry.

BB:  You came into the Adult Movie industry in the late 1970’s, but became one of the defining ladies of your genre of the industry from your body of work during in the 1980’s.  Looking back, what do you feel put you ahead of the others ladies that were on the scene?

For one thing, there weren’t any other platinum blondes at that time. Also, I was basically the transition girl from film to VHS, so when it reached everyone’s home, with people not having to go out, feeling naughty or guilty about watching an Adult Movie at a theater or Adult Book Store, they could now rent it or buy it to take home and enjoy in the privacy of that setting.
Women and men both loved me back then. Finally, it didn’t hurt the fact that I worked a lot with the late John Holmes.

BB:  With so many distributors today taking just clips of your films and repackaging them into another movie making it look like you have a brand new movie out, while advertising your name as the star, when really you did the scene or scenes from a previous movie, do you get any royalties from these tapes?
No, I don’t get a dime from them.  Back then, I didn’t know any better and signed my rights away.  Most of my generation in the Adult Movies back then, did the same thing as me. We really didn’t know how lucrative the industry would become all these years later.  Most of the actors I knew back then did not get paid what they were worth.  That is why I demanded the money I did for my work and that is another reason I was labeled “Difficult.”

BB:  In today’s Adult Movies there seems to be very little if any storyline or scenery other than a room with a bed or couch in it.  In your day, you had some great storylines and lots of scenery. The industry thrived with that format, but today, they have all but gotten away from it. Why do you feel that is?
To me, it’s gone to instant gratification by throwing sex in the viewers face.  To me, it’s violent and just not erotic for the most part anymore.  There is no foreplay or story, just people going right at each other.  People just walk in a room and are naked and just start having sex.  I liked when you set up a scene, saw the lady or man come in the door, had some dialogue, and then went into a scene. It was set up.

BB: With what you just said, do you feel companies are just slapping anything to together for the cheapest amount they can and in turn, they make an even bigger profit?

Yes, I do.  Again, I think it goes back to their mentality that we don’t have to see you take your clothes off or someone knock on the door.  Today, I feel they think it’s sex and lets just get to it.

BB: With you being like the elder spokesperson for your genre of film, do you get asked by Producers or Directors to be an adviser on a film?
Yes, I have been asked, but they want you to do it for nothing.  I always ask them how much are you going to pay me?  Their response is really that they don’t have a budget. Which my reply is then, “Are you going to make money off of this film?” Finally, they say, “Yes we are,” and then I always reply, “|Well so am I!”

2 more parts to come…

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