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Seka- Interview- part 2 of 3

Legendary Adult Movie Star Seka Sits Down with RSR to Talk about Her Career and Love for the Sport of Boxing Part 2 of 3
 April 11th, 2010  Bad Brad

Exclusive Interview by “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

part one is here

BB:  Today there seems to be very little individuality amongst the ladies who all have blonde hair, breast Implants, and the same look basically with the same chemistry on screen. In fact, it seems that if you asked a dozen people who admitted that they did watch adult films; they could not name three of the ladies today outside of maybe Jenna Jameson. However, in your day, the first thing a group of people would say is Seka, Vanessa Del Rio, and Marilyn Chambers without blinking an eye. As someone that did in fact, create her own niche, why do you think this is?
It’s like “Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory” except today, it’s the blonde boob factory.  They cut them out, and then throw them out there for a couple of years and if they make it, then they are lucky. I would lay you 10-1 that the girls in the industry today, you will have no clue who they are in 25 years from now. We (ladies) really did have a different look back then that kept us apart.

BB:  In the 1970s through the 1980s, you had actual grand premieres where mainstream stars came out to watch a Adult Movie on the screen.  It broke the common folk amongst the celebrity power brokers as well.  I am sure that you don’t see them for the most part with the addition of the VCR and now the DVD, which can allow you to watch a movie in the privacy of your own home.  However, do you think premieres are something they should get back to promote a new movie or star on the scene?
I think they should bring them back if they actually did movies like we did in our days with a tangible script and a storyline opposed to what we are seeing today.

BB:  Do you feel as many do in your industry that “Deep Throat” starring Linda Lovelace hands down, busted the door open for the Adult Movie industry to make the huge sums of money it has up until this day?

Yes, I think it took the industry further at that particular point.

BB: Do you think it gets too much credit?
No, I don’t.  Then came “The Devil In Miss Jones,” which really was a great storyline that had Georgina Spelvin in it. Here is a woman who speaks seven different languages fluently. She actually was a script reader who helped the other actors on the set.  She was approached by someone in the industry who told her she should do this and she did.

BB:  In the 1980s, you appeared before the Meese Commission that was headed by then US Attorney General, Edwin Meese.  Explain why you did that and how you feel your appearance helped future actors and actresses that came along after you did.
I really was one of the true frontiers women of this business who stood up and fought for our First Amendment rights so we would be able to do what we are doing today. That is what the entire thing was about when I appeared before then Attorney General Edwin Meese. We were not treated very nicely, but I didn’t back down either. Some people today in the business do not give us the proper respect for what we did back then that has allowed them to do their thing today.

BB:  Politicians have been criticized by their constituents over the years for going after the Adult Movie industry when they felt there were so many more important issues that the US was facing then an adult watching a pornographic movie in the confines of his or her own home.  What is your take on this?

They do it because it grabs the headlines and it’s like fluff filler for them.  They know that it will grab peoples attention which what they should be concentrating on issues like Homeland Security.
What chaps my ass is Priests who go after little boys or little girls that just get transferred to another Parrish. But if you are some everyday Joe, then you go away for a long time. It’s disgusting and Politicians should go after the Church for allowing that and anyone doing this need to be put away for life. But they want to go after consenting adults of age, who want to watch an Adult Movie in their own homes.

BB:  Talk about your company Lilyjake LTD.
Yes, this is my company and I named it after my two cats. Lily has passed away now and Jake is a female cat that I saved from the mean cold streets of Chicago.  She is my kid!

BB:  Do performers in the adult industry belong to the Screen Actors Guild? If so, do they pay into a retirement?
No, we don’t have anything like SAG and they don’t want us to form a Union.  All these years later, there is nothing and nobody pays into a retirement fund.

BB: That brings up another question. If the Adult Movie Industry doesn’t want to do it, why don’t the actors get a Union going?
A lot of them don’t have their stuff together to start a union or even help their selves doing something good. I do think they should start a Union.

BB:  Because of the content of your movies, have you ever had any issues with a stalker or a fan that took what was on the screen to be the real you?
Yes, I had one person who actually came up to me at an autograph signing and kind of poked me. I asked him what are you doing?  He said you’re not Seka, you died when you were blown up in “Prisoner of Paradise.” I thought I was going to wet my pants! Another time I had a stalker who wrote me all the time with 10-12 page letters that started out very nice and then, got very ugly. We finally got the guy arrested for stalking.

BB:  I want to throw some names out at you from your days in the industry  and get your thoughts on them.
John Holmes
I loved him and always will. He was very professional with me at all times and contrary to what others have said, I had no problems.
Vanessa Del RioI love her. Even though I worked with her one time, we both enjoyed it a lot.
John Leslie He was a good performer, but personally, I don’t think he was that much of a professional. He was very well liked by people viewing the movies. At times, he could be difficult, but I think it was he cared about how he was presented which he always stood up for.
Peter North I only worked with him once and it was for photo stills, which were not hardcore.  So I don’t know how far North to North goes… (Laughs)
Lisa De Leeuw I loved her to and, sadly, she died of AIDS. They said it was not from sexual activity, but possibly drug usage. I did know the folks she hung around with and it’s possible. She was absolutely one of the funniest women I have ever known both on screen and off.

BB: You dated late comedian Sam Kinison who passed away in 1992. Share your thoughts about Sam.
I loved him even though we fought like cats and dogs. I met him at one of his shows and we hit it off immediately. We dated on and off for about three years.    People always thought he was on even off stage, but he was actually a very intelligent human being.  He was actually a Pastor and you didn’t dare get into an argument with him especially about theology.  It was sad when he was killed by a drunk driver because he was finally clean and sober for a couple of months.

BB: If you had to pick one Adult Movie you were the most proud of, which one would you pick and why?
“Careful He May Be Watching.”  It was one of the very first times a woman in the industry tried to do this.  I wrote it, produced it, and raised the money for it. It won Film of the Year (1988 from AVN).

BB  In my research for this interview, you have been brutally honest to say, “I was not a good actress for mainstream movies and I never claimed to be.”  However, I am sure that mainstream Producers and Directors still came after you because you had such a name in your genre of movies. Did that happen? Sure they did, but they wanted to sleep with me off the screen to be in their movies.  I was like, “I get paid to do this now on the screen, why I am going to do it with you for free?” (Laughs)

BB:  In your day, what type of precautions did they take to stop the spread of STD’s?  Do you know if today’s industry is just as precautious? You have to remember that in my day, we only had a handful of actors and actresses that we worked with.  We did testing.  Today, I think they do, but they work with so many different partners, that I would be worried.

BB: In 1997, Director Paul Thomas Anderson directed the movie “Boogie Nights” that was a portrayal of the Adult Movie Industry during your time in it.  What do you think of the movie and did he capture the essence of your era in the business?
   First off, I don’t remember ever dressing that poorly, but I guess we must have… How could we have looked so bad and to this day remain so popular? I thought they did an okay job with it for the most part, considering Hollywood did it.

BB:  Burt Reynolds career was revived by this movie when he portrayed the character of Jack Horner who was an Adult Movie director. This role garnered Reynolds great reviews and an actual Oscar Nomination.  What did you think of his portrayal and could you see in it, that he might have actually gotten with some directors of Adult Films to help his interpretation of the role?
  I thought that Burt was pretty much on the mark. Not only did he look very much the part, but his portrayal was as close as anyone else could have gotten.

BB:  In 2002, Swedish filmmakers Christian Hallman and Magnus Paulsson  filmed the documentary “Desperately Seeking Seka.”  From the reviews I have read, it seems to have become a cult film with a large following. Since you were actually in it today, what do you think of it?   I thought they did a very nice job and they were both very sweet. We had them in my home, cooking for them and shooting the interviews I did in it.  They sold their US rights to a company who came to me to promote it. But they wanted to offer me a lousy deal, so when I asked for a percentage of the action, they said “we can’t do that.”  It was a bad move on their part because had I promoted it, they would have sold a lot more copies.

BB:  What is one thing about you that you can share with the RSR Readers that up until our interview today, hardly anyone knew.

That I am really a nice person and not the Bitch, which everyone seems to proclaim I am.  (Laughs)

BB:  Finally before we get into the boxing which I know you have you really been sparring to get ready for it, I would like you to share your words of wisdom from a business standpoint to any young man or woman who is of the legal age who wants to get into the Adult Movie Industry.  Go to school, then go on to college and forget the business because it’s not what it once was.  Not everybody can be a Seka or a Jenna Jameson.  But if you are still going to do it, then own everything that you do and control everything you do!

Part 3 to come!

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