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Separate Check Shrek aka Erika Icon’s Boss Gives Her ASN Lifestyle Magazine Award

Los Angeles – The 2022 ASN Lifestyle Magazine Awards, which are like if the Inked Awards and popular and legitimate Urban X Awards had a baby, presented some award show and the fix was in as Best Public Relations Firm went to The Rub PR, owned by Erika “Shrek” Icon.

the rub pr

The principal owner of The Rub PR was sitting in her small shitty $600 Silverlake swamp in a black tank top when the awards were announced virtually.

The ASN Lifestyle Magazine Awards were presented with a festive online ceremony for the second year in a row. The Rub PR was one of the top adult public relations firms that made it to the industry finalist Top 5 list for 2022. Casey Carter presented the award, and The Rub PR team was elated to hear its name announced as the winner.

LOL  The Rub PR Team?  Team would imply several people are employed by Shrek.  Everyone knows its mostly Shrek and her dog with the stolen name.

“I was blown away when the name of our agency was announced as the winner. We want to thank all our current and past clients and everyone who voted for us—we really appreciate it. This award means a lot to us, especially since it comes from such a well-respected publication. We’re excited to receive our trophy,” says Shrek Greenberg, Owner.

Blown away? You work for them, you knew you were getting this award the whole time:


Erika “Shrek” Icon is probably one the of the absolute worst people in the adult business, routinely asking girls to hook in order for them to pay her fess. She lies to clients, talks poorly about them to other clients, writes fake blogs attacking clients, and has even gonna as far as to help AHF in their attack on porn.

I don’t think I have ever heard an ex-client say anything nice about her…but somehow, the ASN people think she’s better than Brian Gross as well as the other nominees.

Partial List of awesome things Shrek has done:

Once renamed a talent to her enemies Government name

Once talked about how great she is even though her clients product sent someone to the ER

Thinks all POC look the same

Used convicted rapist and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein as click bait in a PR title

Once reached out to AHF “anonymously” while they where trying to end porn  

Tried to bully a 18 year old performer

This is just a few of things MY TEAM has posted over the years.  We ignore most of it, at this point, if you deal with her, you do so at your own risk…

Erika “winning” a ASN Lifestyle Magazine Award makes ASN look like a “team” of idiots.


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