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SETH DICKENS- Finally Speaks on his Involvement in the HIV+ Mess

STATEMENT from Seth Dickens

I know everyone is scared with this HIV incident, and I know my name has been in the middle of this mess, so I would like to take a minute to tell my side of the story. Before I do, I want to say I love this industry, and I wouldn’t do anything to harm it.

I have been under quarantine since AIM informed me of patient zero status. I have honored this quarantine and will continue to honor it until released by AIM. Thankfully, I have successfully gone through my second round of testing. This has been a very difficult and scary situation for me.

I worked with patient zero on May 20th. She had a valid AIM test that expired on May 29th. I also verified her test on line before shooting that day. I have tested negative for HIV in two series of tests on June 8th and also June 22nd. I will gladly and voluntarily remain on quarantine until receiving my next negative test results on July 6th just like everyone else in my situation.

 I just want to be clear, I NEVER work unless I – and my partner – have a current valid AIM test.  For anyone that thinks I am calling around to work as talent; that is not true. The truth is, I am working as a production manager in order to pay the bills; that’s why I call around.

I’m really sorry this happened to the industry, and I know it sucks, but it’s not my fault. I’ve always had a good name in this business, I would like to keep it that way.  I am hoping this clarifies my involvement in this whole mess, because I have nothing to hide. I want to thank AIM for their help and I look forward to getting back to work. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Seth Dickens

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