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Seth Dickens Starts His Website

Shinefish Digital to Launch Official Website of Seth Dickens


SACRAMENTO, CA — It’s more than about time that Seth Dickens got his own official website — and Shinefish Digital is the company making it happen. will officially launch on December 1, 2011, featuring 40 scenes of previously unreleased content, much of which Shinefish Films plans to make available on DVD. 
“Seth has done a great job acquiring a ton of fantastic, high quality content with top talent over the years, including orgies, fetish, threesomes and POV, as well as a very thrust-filled scene with me in The Session,” stated Shinefish owner, Anjanette Astoria. “There are a lot of great names in this Marine sergeant’s large arsenal of scenes and I am very pleased to be working with Seth on this level.”
Astoria and Dickens first met on the set of a Wildlife production of “Screw My Wife Please #64 and have since worked together on several occasions since. Dickens has worked in adult film for more than a decade, with countless scenes to his credit.

“I’m really looking forward to connecting with my fans and also providing them with the high quality content they expect and deserve,” assured Dickens. “I think is going to be a tremendous success!”

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