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Sex-a-thons Help with Weight Loss

What can help with weight loss, improved blood flow, strengthening of the heart, better sleep, more energy, improve muscle tone and stress reliever all in one? A shag-a-thon can. Having a healthy sex life can make you a healthier person.

World’s heaviest woman, Pauline Potter, lost around 100 pounds by having marathon sex sessions. Potter told Closer, “I can’t move much in bed but I burn 500 calories a session—it’s great exercise just jiggling around.” There is no way Pauline is burning that many calories per session but there is some true to this. A good shag is hands down the best form of exercise.

Watch this chunker lose weight the best way possible.

Sexerise is different from a normal workout routine because it incorporates different positions and it gets heart rates up without having to do extreme acrobatic positions. In time, you will start improving muscle tone because sex uses more muscles than regular exercise. On average, doing the deed can burn 150 to 250 calories per half hour. According to Potter, she burned 500 calories per marathon meaning her marathon were an hour. I wouldn’t call that a sex-a-thon but more power to her for actually having sex and losing all that weight.

A great way to relieve some stress is with a good fuck. And without stress, there’s no reason to eat away your problems. Sex will help you sleep better, the oxytocin released during an orgasm promotes sleep and a good night’s sleep will give you more energy.  So grab a fuck buddy, do some light stretching and prepare for a long night of hot steamy weight loss causing sex.

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