Sex Achievements

Everyone has fantasies and desires they want to achieve before they die, or in this case get married. Most people have a bucket list, well folks I bring you a “Fuck-It” list. This list of 25 cleverly named sex-capades will help spice up your love life. Some are a little adventurous, other you might have already tried, either way there’s something here for everyone.

Austin Powers’ bucket list

1. Au Natural

Starting of with some easy, just have outdoor sex. Whether it’s your backyard or in the middle of the wood, you and partner will get in touch with nature the best way possible.

2. What a view!

This is a 1-up from Au Natural, where you fuck on a hill, mountain, a top a tall building.

3. Feeling Young Again

Screw an 18 year old, or someone five years younger than you. Note to the 18 year olds: No fucking teens younger than you, you could end up in jail depending on where you live.

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4. Work the Pole

Get and/or get a lapdance. Yes, you could get a stripper but it’s fun for the both of you and could be considered foreplay.

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5. Everything is Better With Age

Fuck a MIlF or a DILF, you could learn a few things from the experience.

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6. Rise and Shine/ Breakfast in Bed

Rise and Shine- waking your man up with a blow job
Breakfast in Bed- waking up your girl by eating her out

7. Down the Rabbit Hole

A clever title for anal, remember lots of lube and spit for your first time.

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8. Foreign Cuisine

Blow/ eat out someone of a different nationality and of course bang them. It’s a plus if someone swallow.

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9. Once You Go Black

Bang a black guy or girl, you may never go back.

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10. Elevator, Going Down

Give/get a head in an elevator

12. Shifting Gears

Giving/getting a handjob and roadhead while driving

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13. Rev My Motor

Hot steamy car sex.

14. Masquerade

Roleplaying or cosplaying is a great way to spice up your sex life. Whether is naughty nurse or full on fucking your favorite superhero.

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15. Look Ma, No Hands

Slip it in without using your hands, sometimes it’s not as easy as it sounds.

16. Paper Work

Fuck on a desk, it’s more risky if it’s in a work environment.

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17. Rock Out With Your Cock Out

Sex at a concert.

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18. In the Spotlight

Having sex in any type of theater.

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19. Behind Enemy Lines

It’s fucking at someone else’s house, not your’s or your partners. Easiest is at a party or gathering.

20. Class Her Up

In other words, a pearl necklace. Cause every girl, maybe guys too, looks good in pearls.

21. Clean Up in Aisle 6

Fuck in a grocery/ department store. A Department store is the easier of the two if there are changing rooms.

22. Stick It to the Man

Try banging in a government building, warning you will most likely get caught but that’s sticking it to the man for ya.

23. A Slippery Ride

Making a girl squirt isn’t that easy, if you master this you’re golden.

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24. Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

Threesomes! This can be anything from DP to Eiffel Tower.

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25. 15 Mins of Fame

Make a sex tape, it can be as simple as filming it on your phone to full on porno set and cameraguy. It’s fully up to you.

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