Sex Advice from Redditors

sex in the shower in black and whiteHere is some sex advice from the mouths of Redditors across the world! A lot of this stuff seems obvious to me, but yeah. The bottom line is that everyone is different, and communication is the best way to make sure to please your significant other.

That being said, these are some guidelines that you men should keep in mind. Ladies, a list for you is at the bottom of the page.

  • Don’t skip foreplay. Don’t do it, man. Just don’t.
  • You can slow down with your dicking. Jack-hammering for 10 minutes straight doesn’t necessarily please your lady. It also gets boring and potentially, painful for her.
  • When a girl says something like “don’t stop,” you should keep doing exactly what you’re doing, because whatever it is… it’s working! Speeding it up at this point generally wouldn’t be a good idea. —Guilty as charged.
  • Sex isn’t necessarily better the deeper in you go. There’s a cervix in there, and ramming it isn’t pleasing. This doesn’t mean that deep sex isn’t good, but targeting the g-spot would generally be a better alternative.
  • Gently rub the clit instead of banging it like it’s a door-knocker. Some women also commented that clit stimulation through the panties is superior for them and makes for some great foreplay
  • While we’re on the subject, don’t bite the clit. It’s a hyper-sensitive area of the body. This depends on the lady, of course… but as a general rule, I’d recommend keeping the nibbling for other areas of sexplay.
  • Don’t speak about your past sexual exploits, nor partners’ preferences. Keep it to yourself, and remember that this partner is different and won’t necessarily get off on the same things.
  • If it’s dry, whatever you’re doing may be wrong. Some women have commented that this isn’t always the case.
  • Be gentle with nipples. Don’t pull on the nipples too hard. Also, don’t twist like you’re tuning a radio. That shit hurts if you take it too far.
  • Don’t roughly grab tit flesh. Again, that shit hurts… sensitive area: be gentle. Seeing any recurring themes?
  • Don’t expect the girl to get off from motorboating, or titfucking. Some girls can enjoy it, but that’s more for you than for her most of the time.
  • Bragging about your dick size, or showing of your tounging skills is a turn-off. Can make you look like a douche and completely turn your partner off.
  • If the girl doesn’t reach orgasm, it doesn’t mean you failed. Some women just can’t get off completely, and you’ve still rocked their world… assuming you lasted for more than a minute.
  • Ask before ass. Seriously, you should know this one.

And now, for some sex advice geared towards the ladies:

  • “Just tell me WTF you want.”
  • “Ladies, please don’t treat my testicles like stress balls.”
  • “yeah, don’t trust Cosmo…”
  • “Gripping the shaft below the head and attempting to rip the skin off the penis substrate, like vigorously using a shake weight. This is painful as a circumcised man. It is the anti turn on at a time where it is least needed.”
  • “Moaning and orgasms when they arent authentic. Just makes it harder to figure out what you actually like/want.”
  • “Honestly, […] just be yourself…”

Anything you’d add to this list? Let me know. Thanks to Reddit. You can see all the comments here and here.

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