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Sex as a therapy: improving your health whilst having fun

You obviously know that sex really feels good, especially with the right partner. Some may even suggest sex to be the best thing ever. Since the teenage years, your sex life has drastically bettered. But what never improves with aging is health. You might ask: is there any connection between sex, aging, and health? Out team and Romance Dating are going to prove that having sex can refine your health and make your life long-lasting.

The first thing you need to know is that sex improves your… sex life! That’s right. The more sex you have – the better it goes. It strongly boosts your libido and makes you even more passionate (you must have already found out that there are no limits for growing passion). Sex also makes prostate cancer less likely, as well as other diseases connected to men’s health. For women, having sex increases vaginal lubrication and blood flow in certain areas, ups her elasticity and adapts her body to future coituses.

Sex is also your personal cardiologist. It lessens the risk of heart attack and stroke, improves your heart rate and harmonizes the blood pressure. What have we in the end? Yes, a healthy heart and well-balanced blood circulation. You will forget about headaches or other everyday malaises. Sex trains your heart for a bigger charge and gets you ready for exhaustion.

So, as you can see, sex is a great exercise for your body. On a regular basis, sex would make you fit and sturdy. All of your muscles are involved, calories are being burnt fleetly, and your heart is being trained. So instead of long and greasy dinner with your date, offer an hour or two of lovemaking! Yet, sex does not substitute exercises; by complementing it with swimming or jogging, you may get the body you always wanted.

Next step is your immune system. Sex positively affects your virus and germ resistance and also holds back many other intruders. How does that happen? It raises the level of an antibody called Immunoglobulin, which prevents interferences and infections. Researchers prove that having sex more than once a week reduces your sick days and helps to avoid viral and bacterial infections. Though, again – it is not only about sex to keep your immune system strong, but, as well, healthy food, sufficient sleep, sports, and vaccinations would supplement it.

And last but not the least – your psychological health. It is a well-known fact that sex reduces stress and anxiety, helps to prevent collapses and confusions. Sex is one of the best ways to fight the light form of depression and melancholy. Your body produces the serotonin, the hormone of happiness while you are having sex, and it distinctively affects your nerves. Also, sex raises your pain threshold and help you sleep better.

The list is endless. All these magnificent health advantages of sex are likewise connected to your late aging – forget about wrinkles and radiculitis! With active sex life, you eager to never get old!


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