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Sex & Death

Offender writes on ADT:

Last night I was watching the Cash Markman movie “Playing With Fire”. Towards the end there’s a decent sex scene between Tommi Rose and Lee Stone.

It’s obviously been a while since I watched this movie all the way through (usually I just watch the two scenes with Kylie Ireland because ooh la la I don’t need to see any more to finish the job if you know what I mean). I was more than a little surprised to see that, literally seconds after the money shot, the Lee Stone character starts strangling the Tommi Rose character! I was all “Whoa, wait a minute, what the **** is this?!”

I went onto an adult DVD site and looked up the movie to read its reviews, thinking maybe I misinterpreted something. No, according to the reviews he really is supposed to be killing her. (The movie’s plot involves mobsters, and Lee Stone’s character is one of them.)

Not only that, but there’s another scene like this earlier in the movie that isn’t on my copy – one of the other “mob guys” has sex with a woman and then strangles her.(The copy I have is one of those where the distributor crams four movies onto one DVD, so they have to cut a few scenes from each movie out to fit them all on one disc.)

Is this a common trend? I’ve seen other porn movies where characters get killed, but it’s usually not during or immediately after a sex scene. As the review I read put it, this is bordering on snuff film territory, and frankly I was a little disturbed afterwards.

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