Sex Facts

Porn is obviously all about sex, and although watching and looking at naked porn stars will forever be delicious and intriguing, it’s always nice to know a few sex facts. So here’s a roundup of ten of my favorite sex facts that you can read before you re-charge and move on to the halfway mark of your next video.

  1. Almost a third of all women over the age of 80 still have sex with their partners

It’s been said that the older a woman gets the more sexually active she becomes. This is probably why MILF searches are so high. Look out for aging porn stars.

  1. In World War 1, British Secret Intelligence Service (M16) used semen as invisible ink

Semen went undetected but how did they get it? I guess they just had somebody jacking off and producing sperm- a dream job for any male only then they didn’t have internet porn so they had to flip the pages with sticky fingers.

  1. 1 in 10 Americans have used a Smartphone during sex

They vibrate; they show mobile porn… so why not?

  1. Gay men might have bigger boners on average than straight men

Don’t believe me? Read the study here. They’re also thicker on average, so shout out to gay sex!

  1. Harvard University offers a class called “What what in the butt: Anal Sex 101”

Perhaps it’s time to start working on your PHD (we’re not talking about pretty huge dick – well, maybe we are)

  1. Masturbation is healthy for you

Girls, guys you name it. It’s cheaper than therapy and doesn’t require insurance.

  1. 9 Viagra Tablets are sold every second

Which means a bottle of lube is sold every second – or so I would assume.

  1. In two weeks, a single human male can produce enough sperm to impregnate every fertile women on the planet

Wow. Just wow.

  1. 75% of Japanese women own a vibrator, but the average worldwide is only 47%

Aka Japanese women know what’s up

  1. The UK now heavily sensors their porn. This means that BDSM porn is basically extinct.

No more British invasion.

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