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‘Sex Hacker’ Kenneth Play Unveils New Online Sex-Ed Courses, Techniques for 2019

Kenneth Play, the inspiring ‘sex hacker’ and sex-positive intimacy coach for couples, introduces a new line of educational courses specifically-designed to increase sexual self-confidence and learn techniques that create and sustain erotic bliss in everyday lovemaking.

To properly kick off the New Year, PornHub’s most-watched sex hacking expert is also now offering special deals in January, starting with 50% off the ‘Sex Hacker Bundle’ – 25 video lessons and five detailed courses of play-by-play learning (Oral, Penetration, Squirting, plus *BONUS* Foreplay and Fingers & Toys) at only $97.

Play, a former fitness trainer who at one time had insecurities about his body and ability to attract and satisfy women, “decided to get fit and learn more about sex, relationships and intimacy by studying and putting into practice a host of sexual techniques to become a more skilled partner. Great lovers are not born, they’re made – and I’m here to help guide them.”

Play’s website also offers ‘à la carte’ courses – 10 play-by-play accelerated learning videos at $47 each – on how to master the fine art of Oral, Squirting and Penetration.

“We are sexual creatures and deserve sexual pleasure as part of our whole spectrum of human happiness,” says Play. “I want to celebrate that pleasure in a positive way by teaching men that there are many, many different ways to please your partner in bed, and helping overcome challenges that may be holding you back.”

The courses are not just about men developing better sexual confidence, but also tackling the orgasm gap. “Heterosexual women are some of the least sexually satisfied, and a lot of this is about teaching men how to bridge this orgasm gap, give their female partners pleasure, and lead to more mutually satisfying sexual experiences.”

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