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Sex Robots for Women!

Sex Robots for women

“Cum With Me If You Want To Live”

Watch out guys, it looks like your replacement is already in the works as scientists are predicting that by 2035 male sex robots will be a common fixture in the bedroom. Equipped to do everything that humans can do the sex robots of the future will be able to respond to a caress, warm to the touch, thrust, and even take out the trash, after going all night long of course, plus he never lets one rip under the sheets.

Currently sex dolls like the Real Doll are mainly bought by men with women making up less than ten percent of the customer base. Some of those women buy female dolls but the remainder are snapping up the male Ken-like life size dolls, only these ones are packing more than a smooth surface between their legs.

What will he be able to do?
This is where the competition gets fierce gentlemen, because the male sex robot of the future is sounding like he’ll be able to do quite a bit in the bedroom.CEO of Real Dolls Matt McMullen has revealed that male sex robots of the future will be feature packed, making them more responsive and capable of greater intimacy. These robot blokes will be well-equipped, (pun intended), and possess batteries that will keep them electrically charged. McMullen says they’re also considering plugging the robot in so it can potentially go as long asshe wants.
Besides the obvious addition of an extra-large bit of man meat between the legs, McMullen suggests that when technology allows it the male sex robot will not only move, but be able to do so naturally and that includes the ability to thrust, without tiring, and even dance or carry their human lover around the bedroom. Reverse cowgirl? Sounds like the sex robot of the future will be more than up to the challenge.

What will he look like?
What will the male sex robot look like? Well, pretty much however she wants it to look. Women will be able to choose everything from hair color to how low the balls hang. Will they have biceps, chest hair? A Ryan Phillipe look-a-like? Or perhaps just a better version of you? It’s all up to her.
Current Real Dolls, (not robotic) can be designed with all sorts of customisable features that include hard and flaccid penis attachments, removable genitals that can be switched out to change genders, and even models without testicles. Lots of changes can be made, you can even get a Real Doll with cat eyes, and ewww, ginger hair and pubes, and there’s no doubt that a male sex robot will have just as many, or more, customisable features.

How can the Men of Today Prepare?
Of course, we can guarantee that the cyborg lovers of the future will be good looking and pretty much irresistible. They’ll go all night long and actually want to visit with the mother-in-law. They’ll respond to commands like “faster”, “harder”, and her needs will always come first, making him the perfect partner.
Luckily it looks like there are a few years to prepare for the invasion of the robo-cock, so we recommend that you spend your time brushing up on your techniques with some of our premiere instructional videos on the art of love making.

Watch Erik Everhard show Amy Reid a good time…

or see how TJ Cummings gives Christy Mack a superior workout…

…and ensure that when these robotic sex machines arrive you’re more than ready for the challenge…..or just get yourself a sex robot.

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