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Sex Robots!

Sex Robots!

Hooked on HBO’s Westworld and the idea of AI that you can screw? Us too! So, we’re not terribly surprised that right this very minute several people are working hard to develop realistic sex robots. We’ll assume they’re also hard while they work.


The latest in blank stared sex dolls, she enjoys sitting absolutely still for long periods of time without blinking and making you cum. Designed by Barcelona engineer Sergi Santos, Samantha is fairly realistic looking and will do everything from moaning with pleasure to waxing philosophical and even has a massageable G-spot. She’s the closest we’ve seen to a working sex robot and comes in three versions, standard, responsive, and interactive, ranging in prices from $1600 to $4900 USD. Santos claims he has more work to do and, but she’s the most interactive sex robot we’ve seen so far, and might be worth a try for the relatively low price despite her stilted personality and somewhat creepy appearance.

Real Dolls

Mark McMullen, the creator of Real Dolls, aims to be the first to bring a fully realistic sex robot to the market. Just like Anthony Hopkins playing Robert Ford in Westworld, McMullen has been creating lifelike versions of people for over 15 years. While the Real Dolls, which have been featured in TV and movies, look extremely realistic and include removable, fuckable parts, they still lack any truly interactive capabilities, making them a far cry from madam Maeve Millay.

For now, you can purchase a Real Doll in a variety of styles but McMullen is working on the next upgrade, the Realbotix which will improve the experience with convincing artificial intelligence. A prototype is in the works called Harmony that includes a robot head that can attach to any Real Doll and will be able to blink, open and close its mouth, and converse with you about everything from the weather to dirty talk. Harmony will work by connecting to an app on a Smartphone where users will be able to pick personality traits. After the AI head is fully developed McMullen plans to work on an AI body too.
Purchasing a Real Doll right now costs between $5000 and $10,000 USD, but you can expect a Realbotix head to cost around $10,000 and the body another $40,000. And while that may sound like a lot of money to shell out for a sex robot we consider it a real money saver compared to marriage and divorce.

DIY Sex Robots

For those that just can’t wait and need their own sex robot now there are several examples of those that have decided to take the DIY route and make their own.
Chinese engineer Zheng Jiajia has created his own sex robot he calls Yingying. She doesn’t move on her own but can communicate with basic words, and one of those words was apparently “YES” when Zheng got down on one knee and proposed to her. He’s now married to his sex bot and hopes to give her some more advanced communication abilities using his master’s degree in artificial intelligence.

Zheng isn’t the only one to create their own romantic partner. Laurie Segall recently profiled a woman named Lilly in France for her documentary show Mostly Human and found that Lilly was in love with a robot. While her robot, named inMoovator, still lacks any artificial intelligence Lilly claims it’s in his future, as is a marriage between the two. She’s made inMoovator from printing 3D plastic parts in a nearby lab and plans for his first words when he can talk to be “I love you.”

If the DIY route seems too complicated, or frankly unsatisfying, you’ll can arrange for Samantha to live at your house for a fairly reasonable fee, but if you’re looking for a sex robot/life mate, it may be worth waiting to see what McMullen and his team comes up with because at the moment Harmony seems to be the most promising sex bot on the horizon.

Sex Robots - DIY Option

If you are going to go the DIY path, you’ll need some inspiration and we’ve got plenty of girls who can be your sex robot “muse” at PORN.COM!

In fact, our video library can give you some interesting insight into sex technology from over the past 10 years. Speciality video channels like Fucking Robots does a pretty good job showing how far we’ve already come…er cum.

Fucking Robots - Video Channel

Waiting for a sex robot of your very own? Cant wait for technology to catch up with your insatiable bot lust? Share your thoughts in the comments below or keep the conversation going on Twitter @worldsbestporn

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