Sex Therapists Tell Us How Often to Have Sex

I know I don’t have sex as often as I should or could, because my dick is always kept pretty happy by my porn watching habits. However, I know that many of the people who frequent my site would probably like to get their dicks wet more often than not. Some sex therapists have suggestions for you as far as how often you should be having sex. Tammy Nelson is a therapist who focuses on sexuality and she says she gets all kinds of questions about sex. Mostly though, she says, people want to know if their sex lives are “normal.”

Tammy says that “normal is a setting on your washing machine” and that couples should forget about what normal means. Every couple is different and what is even more important than being normal is trying to understand your partner’s sexual desires, even if you have different ones. If you’ve been wondering how often it is OK to have sex, then stop wondering because the true answer is, whatever is right for you and your partner. If one of you has a higher sex drive, then you can always turn to The Porn Dude for my best porn recommendations to get your rocks off the rest of the time.

When talking with your buddies about how often they have sex, when they say they’re doing it every day, Tammy says that they might just be telling a little fib. Just ignore other people and their braggadocio tendencies when thinking of how often to get it on. The other thing to keep in mind is that throughout your life, your sex drive will change, and that’s OK. Maybe you used to like to have sex every day, and now once a week is more your style. Just accept how you’re feeling and embrace what works.

If you’re feeling sexually frustrated in a relationship, Tammy suggests trying new things. Some intimate snuggling can lead to sexy feelings, a night out on the town can rekindle a waning sex drive, and trying something kinky could ignite a fiery evening of passion. Being open minded and accepting is the best thing a person could do to improve their sex life. Of course, if you’re not in some kind of a partnership, it’s hard to control how often you have sex, but you might want to check out some of my favorite dating sites in order to get a regular booty call, at the very least.

Don’t get down on yourself if your sex life isn’t what you have always wanted. There’s always porn to help you fantasize about your ideal fuck situation, and it can help you figure out what you really want out of your sex life!

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