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Sex toy startup LELO gives the condom a design-savvy makeover

Stylish sex toy maker LELO is introducing something to go along with its pleasure-centered machinery today – condoms.

There’s already a mind-blowing amount of prophylactics readily available at your local corner store, but what’s the difference between any of them? “Zero!” says LELO founder Filip Sedic.9f9f3c06-87ec-4d25-9f88-50b802c640a0

His sex toys launched to much enthusiasm over a decade ago and Sedic has been introducing pleasure producing products ever since. The company’s newest brand, LELO HEX, is a condom utilizing innovative technology to make them stronger, longer-lasting and thinner (for his pleasure).

“You want something with a good feel or you want something super strong. That’s the choice and sorry, but I don’t think you have a good feel if you put condoms on top of one another,” Sedic said of the current state of the condom industry.

And those limited choices leads to a continued fall in usage worldwide, Sedic contends. In other words, men don’t like using something that dulls their enjoyment.

Some might see it as a lame excuse – and safe sex is sexy btw – but if some men aren’t using condoms because there’s a problem with the structure then there’s a problem with getting them to use them.

So Sedic decided to do something about it by restructuring the way condoms are made. His hexagonal design is laid over the sheerest of latex material to create a razor-thin thin membrane, thus allowing the wearer to feel more friction and reduce both slippage and breakage during intercourse.

A brief history of the condom

A better condom is a lofty promise – prophylactics haven’t had much in the way of innovation for 70+ years.

For those of you wondering how condoms came to be and why a change is so significant – the first mention of condoms dates back to Egyptian hieroglyphs, but the first person ever recorded using one of these trusty rubbers was a 15th Century physician in Italy named Gabriele who was looking for a better way to prevent the most common sexually transmitted disease at the time, syphilis.

Then lots of folks started using homemade condoms from sheep guts and other animal innards to prevent pregnancy and disease. Sometime around the mid-19th to early 20th centuries major players like Durex and Trojan started mass producing these sheaths in rubber, but faster and cheaper and condoms became the best form of birth control in the Western world before the introduction of the pill.

And that brings us to today. “You are likely using the same, exact condom your grandfather used,” Sedic said.

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