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Sex was Michelle Ormond’s driving force — until she tried to put on the brakes

Denver Westword publishes Feb 1, 2007:

The cheesy theme music blares from the speakers, all keyboards and horns, as the topic of the day’s program scrolls across the screen in bright neon: “I Can’t Lose, I Have Two Women, Why Choose? Ricki, I Want Them Both!” It’s the Ricki Lake Show, sometime in 1997. The camera pans across the hyped audience before landing on a very pregnant Ricki, who conducts the entire show from a director’s chair while two helpers dart around the studio, putting mikes in front of people’s faces. An assortment of trash tumbles across the stage, spilling tales of cheating and heartbreak and betrayal, and then Ricki welcomes Michelle Ormond, a 25-year-old from Denver, Colorado.

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