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Sex Workers & Conspiracy Theorists Unite

Thursday morning, I call prostitute-turned-author Dimitra Ekmektsis in Florida.

Dimitra: “I’m doing a whole new picture book – Dimitra’s Sex Improvement. My book’s a best-seller in Turkey.”

Hustler ran a huge article about it in March. Larry Flynt and those people. Totally behind the Truth Movement. Everyone in Hollywood. Rosie got fired for it.”

“The sex industry and the Truth 9/11 movement are definitely merging because they both have to be underground. We’re fighting not to be. We’re not hurting people. There are people out there who are hurting people, such as parts of the international banking cartel… and religious people who don’t want any sex and blame us for everything.”

“It’s getting to be one group very tolerant of each other.”

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