Sexiest Scream Queens!


A scream queen is usually a female actress that’s been pigeon-holed into a hyper-specific acting niche like horror. This special designation almost always involves said actresses running away for their very lives in their skimpy underwear from some unseen, unkillable psycho-killer who has the walking speed of Chaz Bono on cat tranquilizers. Scream queens have historically been your cute damsels in distress who are supposed to arouse you with their sultry good looks, but the role of scream queen has evolved over the years, including heroines and strong female roles. Let’s take a look at the sexiest scream queens ever to grace the silver-screen!

1.) Jamie Curtis


Jamie Lee Curtis is the mother of all scream queens! She made her claim to fame in the early 80’s by starring in a crapload of “Halloween” slasher flicks. Hey, let’s look at her magnificent tits below!


2.) Neve Campbell


Neve Campbell ruled the mid to late 90’s with her interesting meta “Scream” films. R.I.P Wes Craven. Although, Neve Campbell has never really gone nude, here’s some sexy pictures of her anyway. Enjoy.



3.) Megan Fox


Okay, so Megan Fox has only really appeared in one horror movie, “Jennifer’s Body” which doesn’t quite qualify her as a scream queen, but due to her overwhelming hotness and since I’m the motherfucker writing this article, I’m going to slot her right here. This movie is definitely bonerific, featuring a hot lesbian encounter between Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried. Anyway, enough film factoids.

Check out Megan Fox naked below!


4.) Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar


This movie is not quite so scary. Like at all. But it’s full of beautiful scream queens played respectively by Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar. After smashing into a hobo on a drunken joyride, they all get systematically picked off by The Killer. Okay, let’s see what you really came here for: Jennifer Love Hewitt in a bikini!



5.) Kate Beckinsale


This English-born brunette bombshell has starred in numerous horror movies such as the “Underworld” series, “Van Helsing” and “Vacancy.” I’ve never seen a hotter woman in skin-tight leather spandex, have you? Let’s see what Kate Beckinsale looks like out of costume!


6.) Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts cemented her status as a modern day scream queen with her outstanding performances on television series, “American Horror Story” and even stars in her own sorority slasher t.v show, entitled, “Scream Queens.” Here’s a picture of her from “American Horror Story: Coven”


Now, here’s a picture of Emma Roberts all dolled up and looking gorgeous!


7.) Rose McGowan


Rose McGowan. I love this woman. So much. This gorgeous Italian/Irish/French goddess has an impressive horror resume with such flicks as “Scream”, “Phantoms”, “Charmed”, “Planet Terror” and “Death Proof.” Apart from her Hollywood credentials, I think she’s sexy as all hell and I dig her whole riot girl attitude. Even in her forties, I’d still have all her babies! Remember that time she went to an awards show dressed in next to nothing with Marilyn Manson as her date? Perhaps, this will jog your memory…


8.) Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a relative newcomer to the Scream Queen territory but with breakout horror films like “Final Destination 3”, “Black Christmas”, “Death Proof”, “The Thing”, “The Returned”, and historical masterpiece, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” – I’d be remiss to not include this tall, statuesque brunette beauty on this list!


9.) MIlla Jovovich


I fell in love with Milla Jovovich when I first saw “The Fifth Element” and those killer, mesmerizing eyes were good enough for me. Since then, Milla has starred in a whole slew of “Resident Evil” films and even an alien-based horror movie, “The Fourth Kind.” Now, let’s see her naked!


10.) Danielle Panabaker

Here’s another new Scream Queen! Danielle Panabaker has been quietly racking up horror movie after horror movie. She’s been featured in serial killer drama, “Mr. Brooks”, the remake of “Friday the 13th”, “The Crazies”, and “Piranha 3DD.” Now, for some sexy pictures!


I hope you enjoyed my list of Sexiest Scream Queens! Do you have suggestions? Sound off in the comments section! Happy Halloween!


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