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Sexologist Nicoletta Heidegger Speaking at Cloak & Dagger’s First Public Salon

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Sexologist Nicoletta Heidegger is scheduled to speak at the exclusive Cloak & Dagger this Sunday at their first public salon, A (s̶u̶b̶) liminal Space.

“Cloak & Dagger has been a long-standing, members-only club that features a lot of creative and wonderful community,” said Nicoletta Heidegger. “I am so excited to be a part of their first ever public salon to present ‘Mindfuck: Mindfulness as a tool for greater pleasure.’”

In Mindfuck: Mindfulness as a tool for greater pleasure, Heidegger will discuss how the practice of mindfulness can positively affect our sexual selves. The description is as follows:

Do self-conscious narratives hold you back from your greatest potential? Has past trauma impacted your ability to explore your own sexuality and pleasure? Join Nicoletta Heidegger, MA, MEd and Sexologist for an experience that will help you better understand the practice of mindfulness and how it affects our sexual selves. Lean into the shadows of your mind to gain insight and get in touch with what may be blocking you from being present in your body and discover some delicious tools and resources for mindful sex.

Also scheduled to speak that evening is Nicholas Ryan Howard and Tiffany Naiman. Cloak & Dagger’s salon event, A (s̶u̶b̶) liminal Space, will be the first in its series and features conversations and culture for the community.

“Over the course of the past two years, we have realized many of our members and guests deal with common issues and concerns,” read Cloak & Dagger’s event description. “This series of salons is an attempt to begin to address these issues and concerns, while also bringing our community together in new ways. Our goal is to inspire our family and friends to be the best version of themselves if they choose to.”

Cloak & Dagger’s A (s̶u̶b̶) liminal Space will be held at Monk Space on Sunday, May 13, from 6-10pm. The address is 4414 West 2nd Street. Los Angeles, CA, 90004. Limited pre-sale tickets are available for purchase at:


Nicoletta Heidegger is the founder and co-host of the popular Sluts & Scholars podcast where she discusses sex, dating, current affairs, politics, and more. Past guests include Dita Von Teese, Nina Hartley, Jessica Drake, Blair Williams, Hudsy Hawn, Dr. David Ley, and most recently Sasha Grey. She is also a registered Marriage and Family Therapy Associate based in LA and hosts a YouTube series called Staying On Top where she shares the latest sex facts, education, and research.

In addition to her podcast and work as a therapy associate, Heidegger has contributed to The Stanford Daily, Vice, Playboy Radio’s Swing with Holli & Michael, Rebecca Zahler’s Don’t Waste Your Pretty podcast, Karen Lee Poter’s Sex Talk with My Mom, Dr. Wendy Walsh, and The Positive Results Corporation.

To learn more about Nicoletta Heidegger, visit her official website at You can also follow her on Twitter at @MsHeidegger and @slutsscholars.

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