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‘Sextortion’ Scams Spike during stay at home orders

Luckily, professional porn mope Johnny Goodluck is super duper successful outside of porn , i’d hate for him to fall into “sextortion,”  everyone knows sextortion is the gateway to beastiality


“Sextortion” scams have been increasing during the pandemic, the FBI warns.

The bad actors behind the attempted extortions typically email people and threaten to release sexually explicit photos or videos of them to their friends, family and other contacts — unless the target pays big bucks.

The pretexts vary, according to the FBI, which said targets are accused of visiting adult websites, cheating on spouses or being caught in another compromising situation.

Crooks may say things such as: “I had serious spyware and adware infect your computer” or “I have a recorded video of you,” the bureau says.

The spike in complaints has been noted by the FBI’s Internet Complaint Center, which accepts reports online

t’s a coast-to-coast scourge. In Oregon, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum warned state residents about the growing menace after the bureau’s alert went out.

“I just think it’s totally sickening,” Rosenblum, 69, tells AARP. “Unfortunately, there’s a fraudster lurking in every shadow, especially when there’s some sort of disaster … be it a hurricane or a pandemic.”

Rosenblum leads Oregon’s Department of Justice, which has received more than 200 emails and calls about sextortion scams since the coronavirus outbreak began.

Across the country in New Hampshire, Attorney General Gordon MacDonald, 58, cautioned Granite State residents about the recent uptick in what he called “sexploitation scam emails.”

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