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Sexually Assaulting Islam

The Punjabi Philosopher writes:

In the past, Muslim women were generally impenetrable by infidels–and the pun is deliberate. The closest they could get to Muslim women was adorning prostitutes and porn stars with Islamic names, and dressing them like Arabian princesses. In fact, it was reported in in June 7, 2000, that Israeli porn producers were hiring actors who looked like Egyptian stars, using them to shoot porn flicks in Israel. It was only in 2003 that SexStyle, the biggest pornography company in Israel, released a film featuring Arab performing, to the uproar of the Israeli Arab community. It has also been reported that the CIA operates Muslim porn sites as part of their “psychological warfare.” As Joshua Cohen explains in his article on Jewish porn, “The Chosen Peephole: Jews can do Porn just as badly as Everyone Else,” published in the New York Press in July of 2006, “angry-white-man-on-Muslim-woman material has proliferated since the first Gulf War.”

The whole idea of porno stars wearing nothing but black headscarves, face-veils and burqas, is ludicrous. It is simply absurd that a woman would remove all her clothing to be gang-banged while refusing to unveil herself. As the hijab is one of the major symbols of the Muslim faith, representing virginity, chastity, and purity, allowing men to ravage young Arab women and ejaculate on their faces and veils is nothing less than a direct desecration of a sacred symbol. It is as offensive to Muslim sensibilities as it is to Christians when porn stars pose as nuns or wear crosses around their necks as they are subjected to serial sex.

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