Sexy Crotch-Baring Dresses

I see Paris, I see France…

The latest nutty Hollywood fashion trend are ultra-revealing crotch-baring dresses that expose and flash vaginas in a not so coy way. I’m not a fashion guy, but I do like beautiful models and I love a good wardrobe malfunction every now and again. And it seems like that’s what the fashion designer had in mind when he or she created these thin-slit gowns. The fabric splits right around the pubic bone leaving a barely-there stitch that is supposed to adequately cover one’s naughty parts?

Crotch-baring dresses are equal parts sexy and well, trampy. And this is coming from a guy who works in porn. I just find it funny how fashion is just getting skimpier and more revealing as the years go by. And they say porn is eroding society. No, society is already doing a swell job of that all on its own.

Even porn stars who attend the AVN and XBIZ award shows wear more than the celebrities and models that trip the light fantastic at various events and galas like the Cannes Film Festival, or the goddamn Kid’s Choice Awards. SMH.


Bella Hadid

bella-hadid-crotch-baring-pussy - Copy



Emma Stone

Italian models: Dayane Mello and Giula Salemi



Charlotte Dawson (I have no idea who she is, but…pussy)


Paris Hilton


Iggy Azalea


Xenia Tchoumitcheva


Amanda Holden


Ever wondered what kind of panties these women use with their crotch-baring dresses? You’re gonna laugh when you see it.

Introducing the C-String…


Here’s the C-String in action…



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