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As we all know with serial killers, patterns begin to form the more they continue to kill.  As for the amazingly addictive show Dexter, another pattern has emerged, that has semi-explained the type of women he likes.  (BLONDES).

Ok, so I realize there have been dark haired vixens who have fallen for the lug, and while he tries to love them back, it still seems forced, rushed and too extreme for him to handle.  What’s weird though, is no matter how high intensity the situation is with his relationships with blondes, he seems to be able to handle the extra load, as well as go to extra lengths in order to make “it” work.  Whether they are on his kill table, or shadowing him, learning the trades of this veteran’s craft, he manages to somehow become romantically involved and soulfully attached to these ladies.  Simply put, he’s used the blondes in his life, to fill voids of various needs of his, but the brunettes will always be maintained at a distance.  This new season is no different.  His lies and runarounds with Deb are even more sufficient proof that he leads her astray with no level of intimacy in mind, and very much tries to keep his “dark passenger” in a hibernated state.  (Or so he would have her believe.)  Lila, from season 2 was slightly different as she was a train wreck psychotic bitch, and wouldn’t be able to handle a normal, fake, Dexter.

The blondes are VERY vulnerable and suffer from a gaping hole in their hearts that desperately need to be filled.  There is a clear divide when it comes  to the contrasts between the blondes and the brunettes.  The blondes, while some of them may not have the same traits as the others one thing is for sure, they are not nearly as psycho as the brunettes.  The blondes in Dexter’s life were much more dependent on his love, and needed what he couldn’t offer.

The brunettes are different.  They have their own demons (as do the blondes) but they do not seek Dexter’s help to find the key that unlocks these ruthless evil’s they harbor inside.  They in many ways, walk the same path he does, just to a lesser degree.  They have a better understanding of why he does what he does, as opposed to the blondes where (if they kill) they do it for other reasons.  Quite possibly because it’s revenge, or they just have a sick and twisted way of feeling pleasure.  Dexter is very different then them, yet they seem to connect to him in a much more comprehensive manner.


Rita Bennett

Dexter’s wife. She’s a sweet, naïve victim and the consummate housewife, even though she works at a hotel. When she becomes pregnant with Dexter’s baby, she tells Dexter he doesn’t have to help out, as any submissive woman would do. At one point, she believes Dexter is a heroin addict in a truly unfathomable plot twist that was only a teensy bit believable because of the chronic treatment of Rita as sub-humanly stupid.  But she is hot as hell.  So it makes all her idiosyncrasies easier to deal with as the audience.

Lila West

Dexter cheats on Rita with Lila, who is a sex object, a sociopath, and the symbolic antithesis to Rita. She frames Dexter’s friend for rape, kidnaps and tries to kill Rita’s children, kills Detective Doakes, and is eventually killed by Dexter.  She has a little bit of a resemblance to Liv Tyler.  Which is never a bad thing.  This pyro freak thought she knew Dexter, but turns out she allowed her own craziness to pervert her judgment as she didn’t quite realize that she is no match for the iconic character that is, Dexter Morgan.

In my own humble opinion, I do think Lila is a total babe, and definitely deserves praise alongside Ms. Rita.  She also tends to bare more skin then Rita (not by much, it’s a close call) but for that, she deserves and receives our respect!


Lumen Pierce

Victim of torture and rape. Lumen was a conventional good girl who decided to break up with her fiancé. Soon after, she is kidnapped and held in a dungeon for an unknown period of time. This good girl is thirsty for vengeance and becomes a killer. After the guilty parties are all dead, she tells Dexter she doesn’t want to kill any more, and leaves the show.  They have always left the door open, for her to come back possibly which would be a great thing.  But with this seasons plots and twists, it doesn’t seem like there is much more room for anyone else to bust into an episode and surprise the hell out of us!



Hannah Mckay

To avoid any spoilers to this season, we’ll dabble around the bush rather then shave right through it.  She has a checkered past to say the least, that involves her boyfriend Wayne at that time. She meets Dexter because she has to help solve an old murder case. It’s in her best interest to help them…She has a lot of what Juliette Lewis had in Natural Born Killers.  Not to be trusted, and very unstable.  When it comes to this woman, Dexter is all over her.  A poisonous vixen that has easily become one of Dexter’s greatest matches.  This relationship will prove to be toxic for the both of them, literally.




Her relationships are an infamous part of her character, having spent time with story important characters (both good and bad) and some minor ones. Most recently, she’s confessed her love for her step brother Dexter, who apparently may or may not love her back in the same way.  What’s interesting about this story line is that she was seeing a shrink who basically unraveled it all into detail to her, how Dexter is the basis of comparison to every guy she dates, and thus none of them being good enough to be with her, since all she really wants is her brother.  What a sick place Miami must be.  As if she even thought it was wise to say anything in regards to this.  I’m not one for romance on T.V, I feel it’s all contrived, and drawn out too much but this is a soap opera story line that could only be told through the eyes of two great characters such as Deb and Dex.  Therefore we let this shit slide.   To make matters worse, Debra and Dexter used to date in real life, and only since they’ve actually been broken up, do the writers for Dexter decide to thicken the plot by allowing this crazy incestuous love affair to begin.  Technically it’s not incestuous by the standard rules and laws of nature, but it’s about as close as it could ever get without crossing over the line.   And in a complex turn of events from a few seasons ago, where she was promoted to Lt. when she was dating Detective Joey Quinn, then  they have gone separate ways with Quinn acting out his anger in being turned down from a recent proposal attempt and Debra accepting her duties in the new position she has at work.  Amazing whirlwind of catapults and leaps into fucked up character backgrounds.  Deb’s always got to be interested in someone or pursued in order to make her character the least bit remotely interesting. Debra Morgan has become a very predictable character with her cursing and her job related rage, that it’s a relief to see her in such scenarios as she’s in now on the show, it makes her tough exterior layered and you see how really fucked up she is underneath all that.

 Jamie Batista

And a real quick honorable mention goes to Ms. Jamie Batista for just being randomly hot.  She’s been making more and more appearances on the show week in week out, I suspect there will be some plot line where she is made into a much deeper character, especially now that you never see Harrison (Dexter’s kid) whom she babysits.  This is Angel Batista’s baby sister, she’s great, she’s hot, and she’s super cool.  Lousy babysitter though.



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