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Seymore Butts has meeting to buy Spears sex tape

Seymore Butts Writes-

i’ve been busy, busy, busy but i had to take a moment to fill you in on the latest:

i got an email today from someone saying they repped “adnan” and wanted to know if i was interested in a BRITNEY SPEARS sex tape? mind you, i have no idea if this guy is for real or not, but i’m supposed to be meeting him monday. i can’t wait to hear how much he wants for it! considering i had a chance to own a substantial portion of the first pam and tommy tape for $20,000 and passed it up only to later learn the tape grossed over $25,000,000…you can bet i’m gonna seriously consider it if this guys the real deal!

just out of curiousity, let me know if it’s something that you would be interested watching?

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