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Shane Bugbee Responds To Kevin Smith’s Denial

Last week, Shane Bugbee sent out a press release announcing that he and his wife had been hired as consultants on Kevin Smith’s new movie, ‘Zack and Miri Make a Porno’.

I remember how many of us were jealous of this. We felt we should have been hired instead. We thought we knew more about porn than Shane Bugbee.

I had a conversation with a porn director on this very line.

Then, on a chatboard, Kevin Smith said that Bugbee’s claim was untrue.

I emailed Shane and he responded: “Kevin writes about “cryptonesia” on the same blog he announces the movie… he sorta sets the stage just in case a claim of idea theft was flung his way. But what do I know, maybe it’s all just one big coincidence… or maybe not. I do know this… his film sure sounds real similar to a chunk of our life. Not sure why they’d deny that.”

I replied to Shane: “Your PR release said you’d reached an agreement with Kevin Smith to act as a consultant on his new movie.”

Luke: “Yep, that’s what happened… guess wasn’t supposed to tell. And understand… I was originally contacted based on my LACK of knowledge.
The film is about a couple who are naive to the world of Porn, and NOT
about real life pornographers.”

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