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Sharon Mitchell Explains the 16 HIV+ cases We Didn’t Know About

by Sharon Mitchell


AIM Healthcare Foundation is an HIV testing clinic. We serve the Adult Industry, as well as the general public. Quite often, due to the early detection nature of our testing, and the low price, and the 24-hour turnaround time for results, the general public will utilize our services. If and when these patients come back positive, THEY ARE ALWAYS REPORTED TO THE COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT IN A TIMELY MANNER, AFTER CONFIRMATORY TEST RESULTS ARE RECEIVED FOR OUR FILES.

Also, while serving the Adult Entertainment Industry, most talent has an HIV test from AIM to present on the set when they arrive.  Typically, in the heterosexual porn industry which does not utilize condoms regularly, folks who desire to be talent will not be hired with an HIV-positive test. AIM continues to follow reporting regulations and does so to the County Health Department, as well as refers “positive” patients for desired treatment, either private or non-profit. This is why they are not “publicized,” as these would-be performers had never fulfilled the desire to work in Adult Entertainment, due to their positive tests. These are the two categories into which the “16 HIV cases since 2004” fell. All cases were reported, and referred for treatment.

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