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Shawna Lenee XXX’s Tweets Can Be Trouble for Jenna Presley

This is from I guess you should watch what you tweet! 

You can read the whole thread here-

This should obviously be considered rumor. I have no knowledge if any of it is true or not


Tony Malice writes- Someone sent me  this, it’s from this whore Shawna Lenee’s twitter. Apparently she is roomates with Jenna Presley.

From reading this I called a source close to Jenna Presley and the report is that she had a seizure and this may be why the strange happenings.  We are not sure if the seizure was brought on by the two girls arguing with each other for the past few days, we will have the full story very soon.
This is in case anyone cares, I personally don’t care from drama but I know both of the parties here, so they may both give their version.


NL-Shawna’s not the only one with Tweet-ups causing problems. Several pro athletes are finding twitter gets them in trouble! JR Smith, Nuggets Guard, accused of using gang speak in his tweets has now closed his account. NFL’s Antonio Cromartie was fined $2500 after he talked about yucky food at training camp.

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