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Shelley Loves You Ann & is Shocked at your Leaving Pink Cross

picture from the convention on Thursday

Shelley writes me- Truly, I am in shock she did this and it absolutely broke my heart. We were very close for a couple of months. I only saw her for ten minutes at the convention and next thing I know she and her husband are gone. I know she enjoyed Thursday as she sent me a picture of her happy and smiling at the convention. I really love her and she is the last person I thought would ever do this. I’ve had Ann in my home around my children. She spent the night and we took care of her. She helped us with Christmas porn star outreach and had such a great time with the other former porn actresses. We encouraged her, prayed for her and reached out to her with love and supplies and I think her going to the convention was really hard on her and maybe she is taking it out on me. I don’t know. She wouldn’t be the first girl. It’s always painful when women do this to me.  I really love Ann. I do know her mother in law died right before the convention and so I am sure her grief along with the stress of facing her past at the porn convention was very hard. I heard she also talked to Bill Marigold and he was absolutely horrible and said something to the effect she deserved AIDS. If I had been there I would have stopped that abusive language toward her immediately.

Anyway, I truly gave my best to Ann. I have no idea who told her she could not smoke marijuana. I have never said that to her or any porn star. Especially to someone who has AIDS and is suffering and has a marijuana medical card. I tried to call her and ask her what happened but she won’t talk to me. So I still have no idea why she changed her mind about me and Pink Cross other than she doesn’t like that I walk with some of my team members into the convention. We always walk together in the conventions and hotels. And why she would blast me publicly without first talking to me, I do not understand.

I love you Ann. I am sorry you hurt. I am sorry if Pink Cross hurt you in any way. I’m sorry that HIV is such a terrible thing to live with. I prayed for Ann frequently over the phone and she told me all the time how it helped her not to vomit every day. We exchanged emails almost every day for a couple of months where she shared tons of information about the porn industry and how horrible it was to her, including names of those who hurt her. I won’t repeat the names she told me but I know Ann will be reading this and I want her to really think about her actions. I  don’t understand how she could change her mind about Pink Cross and me but I trust God will work all things out.
Pink Cross and I really love you Ann. No matter what.
Shelley Lubben


NL- Brooke’s story on Pink Cross has been removed because Brooke asked that it be taken down.

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