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Shelley Lubben Lying to Start Trouble for Vivid ?

Could Shelley Lubben be where The “WRONG” Associated Press Vivid Story came from?


The story that follows has to be considered a rumor. I can’t yet confirm that the e-mails I have received are from the people they SAY they are from.


A former porn starlet, who has now quit the biz (and found God) sends me this e-mail-

just a heads up girls are getting emails from S.L. asking about vivid,i truthfully replied that i was tested and never caught anything from someone on their set and got a reply back if i could type her words saying there were drugs, no tests,and disease. thats bull. vivid is professional and clean and i/m not about someone using my name with their words, come to find out i am not the only one who got this email. If people want to change things they need to do it truthfully and legally and not put words in peoples mouths. thats bull I am out and can still say Vivid is a good ran company when it comes to those issues from my exp.


Here is the e-mail the ex-porn star says she received from Shelley Lubben-

Can you send me a statement so I can put it in the associated press. I can use your work name if you want. Something like this:

“Vivid does not have a safe health record. I was in the ############ movie and I don’t even remember being tested. I was on drugs. I had stds at the time. I wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle”.

Something like that. Thanks for all your help. Can I put your myspace address in case press wants to get in touch with you?


NL-If this is true, I am saddened to see that Shelly’s agenda to bring down the porn industry includes fabricating information for her side. I’d like to hear Shelley’s side of the story. And I would like to hear from Vivid if they would like more details.

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