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Shelley Lubben on Pastor Melissa Scott

by Darrah Ford of

Darrah asks-
News is breaking that Pastor Melissa Scott might actually be former porn star Barbi Bridges. If it is her, do you condemn her for not using her power within her ministry to reach out to people who were also once in the adult industry and offer them counseling if they needed some sort of assistance?

Her late husband was extremely wealthy and left her everything. So even if she was forced to resign due to controversy, it’s not like she wouldn’t have money to fall back on. What do you think her motivation is to staying quiet?

Wouldn’t it just be better for her to come out and say if it’s true or not instead of the rumors being out there?
Thank you!

Shelley says-
Can you be sure it’s really her? Although I checked it out and it definitely looks like her.

If it is her, she is a coward and should come forward and admit her involvement in the adult industry. Then she may want to actually CARE about those in the porn industry and do something to reach out to them.

But like most TV Televangelists, it’s not about doing the work of Christ but it’s about making lots of the almighty dollar. They are worse than the porn industry and use God’s Word to make money on Trinity Bullshit Network where naïve people buy into the lie and pay to get saved.

I hate it. You won’t ever see me make an appearance on that network. I can’t control if they take another networks taping of me and put it on theirs. I just won’t ever MAKE AN APPEARANCE on that network. Guaranteed. I’d rather hang out a porn convention with the porn stars like Jesus did.

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