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Shelley Lubben Speaks to LA Supervisors on Sex Industry

Shelley and AIDS Healthcare at Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

From Shelley’s Blog

Shelley Lubben, former porn actress, testifies along side of AIDS Healthcare to make a whole hearted plea to LA County Board of Supervisors to do something about the rampant sexually transmitted diseases and illegal and hazardous work conditions that adult film workers are subjected to daily in the California porn industry where 85% of the world’s pornography is made.
Supervisor Yarovslovsky miraculously acknowledged us after our testimony and said “This is a legitimate issue” and also, “If we can do something about it we will.” Thank you Supervisor Yarovslovsky!

Please take a moment to call Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky and tell him that Los Angeles County must do something NOW to protect people working in the porn industry as well as the general public.

• Hon. Zev Yaroslavsky, Supervisor, 3rd District (213) 974-3333

Please pray for all the people who are still trapped in porn and need a way out. They need new jobs, resumes, new clothes, utilities paid, places to live and rehabs and right now we do not have enough donations coming in to help them all. We need God’s people to rise up and do whatever it takes to help us.

We are deeply grateful for anything you can do to help.
Click here to donate and help save women out of porn.

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