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Shelley Lubben Wants to Speak For You

Shelley Lubben writes me-

Attention Porn Performers:
On June 29 at the first Cal Osha advisory meeting your health and safety will be the main issue. Many of you KNOW your health is at great risk and would probably love to speak out but may prefer to remain anonymous. I understand. I am willing to risk and speak out for you.
If ANY of you want to come to me privately and share your concerns or issues please feel free to contact me at [email protected] Your information will remain totally confidential. I think many of you know me by now. You may not agree with my religious beliefs. You may not like my views on pornography. But those are irrelevant at the Cal Osha meetings. The issue is simply safety in the workplace and YOUR HEALTH.
Many of you are not aware that mulitiple STDs may lead to cancer. I contracted HPV and Herpes in the porn industry and later battled cervical cancer. I had half of my cervix removed and could not have anymore children. I also lived many years hemorrhaging and had a two year bout with Anemia. Anemia means “without blood” and will make you extremely weak and have heart palpitations where you feel like you are going to have a heart attack.
I am no stranger to consequences for my past. This is why I am so compassionate and passionate about YOUR HEALTH.
Your agent doesn’t care about your health. Your employer doesn’t care about your health.
But I do. Even if you don’t believe in me, many of you know I have been diligent in coming to porn conventions with information to educate you on STDs, your rights as an employee, and your health. I don’t just pass out Bibles!
I am preparing to speak on June 29 on your behalf so I hope we can find common ground and you will come to me or at least speak out and let’s talk about the workplace issues before then.
Shelley Lubben, former porn actress and founder of Pink Cross Foundation

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