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Shelley Lubben Writes to Oprah

Shelley writes-
**My letter to Oprah:

Dear Oprah,

I would personally like to ask you why your correspondant, Lisa Ling, would not interview me when she had her chance at AdultCon where she was interviewing “Porn King” Steve Hirsch? I asked her kindly if she would like to interview me, a former porn actress, to hear the other side of porn, the majority of what is going on in the porn industry and she declined.

Why Oprah would she decline to interview me when she had the chance conveniently available to her? Why would you allow her to do this? I know your camera men filmed me talking to Lisa Ling and Steve Hirsch, pornographer, because MY videographer caught in on film which everyone can see at in my videos (search for Wimpy Pornographer).

So why did you not show that footage? Why will you not invite me to speak out on your show?

Your “porn” show only showed interviews of pro-porn advocates such as porn stars, pornographers and porn columnists. I want to know why? Don’t you want to hear the other side about the porn industry from former porn actresses?

I have irrefutable evidence against the porn industry, including Steve Hirsch, AIM (Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation), Hustler, Playboy and I feel YOU, being a media leader and someone many people look up to, need to show the other side of porn and then let the viewers decide how they feel about pornography based on hearing BOTH SIDES!!

In fact, I have publicly challenged some of your pro-porn guests and NONE have the guts to challenge me. Why not do a show where you have a porn debate and let myself and other former porn actresses debate against pro-porn advocates?

I hope you will be honest and show the other side of porn as well. Myself and other former porn actresses represent the MAJORITY of what is going on in porn, not Jenna Jameson who hasn’t even made hardcore pornography. Not Steve Hirsch who abuses women and makes money off of them. But the women who have been abused, slapped, kicked, hair pulled, caught multiple STDs and even died. Please show the whole truth Oprah.

You may visit my web site at and contact me to be interviewed. I will be there in a heart beat.

Thank you for reading my letter and I look forward to hearing from you,
Shelley Lubben, former porn actress and founder of Pink Cross Foundation at

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