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Shelley Lubben’s Newest Cause- “The Foxx es”

NL- Aren’t the Foxxes working at the Bunny Ranch?

Shelley writes-My sweet friend Desi Foxx wrote me an email about her and her daughter Elli’s retirement from porn and I had to share some of it with you.  They have come to Pink Cross Foundation for help out of the sex industry so please consider donating to help them rebuild their lives. Thank you for caring!  We will be helping them move across country and find new jobs and help with living expenses. Please help!
Help Pink Cross assist women in porn!

More and more women are coming to us for help on a daily basis and we REALLY need finances and supplies to help these girls rebuild their lives.

We are also out of Target cards so we ask for your help by purchasing them online and easily at Amazon.

We also need finances for our outreaches at porn conventions and night clubs. It takes THOUSANDS of dollars to do outreaches so please please help us continue to reach into a mission field that not many will dare to go into.

Because of your generosity over 20 women and men have left porn in the last two years. Thank you for supporting and caring about the work we do.

You may send in donations or donate securely online:
Pink Cross Foundation

6077 Coffee Rd. #4

Bakersfield, CA 93308

Click here to donate via paypal

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