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Shelley Lubben’s Response To Whiteacre & Maddy

NL- This is the opinion of Shelley. I do not have the all the charges etc… verified, although i do have copies of some of them. I do not usually post about people accusing others of crimes, but in this instance I think it is necessary in order for there to be both sides of the story represented fairly. 

Please read harassing email below.  I know that Madelyne has already tried to discredit this recent video that she participated in with us, but we believe it is more important to show her sober vs. being under the influence when she was filmed by the person who wrote the below email.
Also, attached are recent police records where Madelyne was arrested twice for public drunkenness in the one short month she lived here in Bakersfield. Each time a Pink Cross team member took care of her child while she was in jail. Each time we picked her up from jail and took care of her. She was also arrested for assault and battery for physically attacking her mother. Public records show the case number is TCM254824 at Tulare County Court. It was after this arrest that we took her in after she lied to us and said her mother beat her. Police records show differently. Also, after speaking with her mother we now know she blatantly lied to us.
Also to help Madelyne with more legal problems we wrote to ask mercy from the judge regarding her recent DUI filed with Tulare County Court case number TCM251378. Madelyne makes reference to this in the video. We also paid her attorney fees for her DUI. We literally did everything we could to help Madelyne. Obviously we didn’t force her to take our help. She gladly accepted our help. She also asked me to vouch for her with Child Protective Services when a social worker came to Bakersfield to take her baby away due to child neglect.
Pink Cross has supported Madelyne for over two years financially, physically, emotionally and even legally through her serious legal problems and addictions. We have over two years of photos and videos that clearly show she was given tons of love and major support for her recovery. We drove her to all of her meetings and doctor appointments since she was not legally allowed to drive due to the DUI.
When she became abusive to team members due to being intoxicated we warned her that if she continued that she would need to seek in-patient care. She refused to follow the rules and we had to ask her to leave the premises. It was a hard decision to make but we cannot help someone who is physically and verbally abusive time and time again. No recovery home would tolerate such behavior. Madelyne is angry and is now lashing out.
I’m tired of people harassing me and Pink Cross team members. I’m tired of people changing their minds about us after they have received thousands of dollars worth of help and support.  Madelyne is seriously delusional about the care she received. Our team members have hearts of gold and exhausted themselves helping her. We truly hope Madelyne will get the care she needs.

 NL- I will post the email, but can’t yet. It contains very personal info on people not directly involved in this who are not in the industry or pink cross. I have to check out what has to be removed.

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