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Shelley Responds to Her Brothers Vid

 Shelley wanted me to let you all know– “Please tell everyone at Lukeisback that I am truly sorry they have become involved in our family’s private issues.
I want you to know that this family fight could go on forever. My brother will probably reply with emails and I could do the same and my parents could do the same, etc…. The point is that my family has gone through many ups and downs and that we have been struggling for many years. My entire life really. But there have been periods of forgiveness and reconciliation and my hope is that someday that can happen again. But for now, I need to stop defending myself to every single person who has attacked me over the years. Obviously anyone who tries to take down a billion dollar industry is going to be severely attacked. If anything all the attacks just prove I am a real threat to the porn industry.
PS: I hear UCLA is having a panel this week of current performers who will be speaking out about their work conditions. Should be very eye opening.


Shelley sent me many emails from her family and asked me to post a few from her brother so you can see that her brother is bitter towards his parents. These three emails are dated 2007

And here’s the crazy thing….Im praying about it everyday. Its not like I even think about it but its being placed on my heart or at least I think it is….But I wanna explode on them, KABBBOOOM. They arent my parents dude, they arent. I don’t know who they are anymore. I really don’t.


Im mad because ***** (Father)  decided it was better to watch TV then to interact with his grandkids…Forget me dude, Im 32 and I dont need my dad to lift me up and twirl me but I would like him to play with my kids. Sure it bothered me that he didnt say anything to me but thats him, im used to it. But im bothered that I have had several talks with mom and dad about calling and talking to the kdis and they still dont get it.


 I dont think God is mad at you or that you failed Him. You love me, defended me and you defended truth. I agree we shouldnt have cursed but they are only words, not our heart. Dad made it clear with words and actions that he wasnt going to call me again. Time and time again mom and dad continue to prove they have no interest in our families. They prefer to honor the silent child then the ones who speak openly. Stacy reminds me of the person who got 1 talen, she went and buried it in the dirt. If she had the heart of God, she would have called me and asked if she could pray for me, just like Gary did last night. That mean alot to me, you have an awesome husband and I have an awesome bro-in-law.


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