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Shelley Says “No way did I ask Someone to Lie for Me”

No way did I ask JJ to lie for me. I know exactly who it is because I have ALL the messages and it wasn’t an email but on Myspace.
JJ has been helping me expose pornography for almost two years now and I have MANY statements from her. Sometimes I have had to help girls write their statements AFTER THEY SEND THEM TO ME because frankly  some of them don’t know how to write properly but I ALWAYS send it back to them for approval and to make sure they check it for accuracy. I have never asked a woman or man to lie for me.
She is showing you a myspace message out of context. She has given me many statements in the past saying she had stds in porn, drug abuse, illegal activity on the porn sets, prostitution and more so I asked her to tell me if she had anything regarding Vivid. She did reply and sent me information that she believed Tom Sizemore was not tested. So this is why I replied to her and asked her to give a statement. She never wrote “truthfully replied that i was tested and never caught anything from someone on their set”.
That’s a straight out lie.
She has gone on and on in the past about her pain and stds during her time in porn. Now all the sudden she changes her mind about it? She also recently did a radio show where she tells how much I personally helped her. In fact, she has done a couple shows talking about how me and Pink Cross Foundation. You can find them here:
I don’t understand at all why she would do this except to say she must really be hurting to do lash out and do these types of things.  JJ is also known to have significantly hurt other ministries. You should ask her about it.
I can’t even go into every detail because it would be cruel to JJ to expose her. Not to mention hurt the other ministries.  So I’ll take the heat but you know I would never ask a girl to lie.
Did I ask a couple women to tell me if they experienced any abuse or stds while working for Vivid, yes you bet I did. Steve Hirsh has been known to say the adult industry does a good job at policing itself. In AVN article it also says:
“Hirsch pointed out that since 2004 performers have acted in several hundred thousand-sex scenes shot by adult studios in the San Fernando Valley and there has only been one reported case of HIV.” Now he can’t prove that. He is lying. He is misleading the public.
“It is far more dangerous for a person to have sex with someone they meet casually in a bar than it is for people who act in a carefully policed adult film setting. We are confident that we are taking all precautions and the results to date demonstrate that this is the case,” he said.
Funny how he doesn’t talk about any of his actresses getting stds and says casual sex is safer. That’s ridiculous.
Well, that was something I needed to address and will continue to address. I do definitely have women who worked for Vivid who are willing to talk and one of them claims they allowed her to work without a test. I have only just begun my research on Vivid and will keep researching. And I don’t need to ask any anyone to lie. Guaranteed.
Shelley Lubben
Executive Director, Pink Cross Foundation

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