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Sheri’s Ranch Madam Says Brothel Proudly Sets Example for Female-Positive Sex Work

Can women thrive in the sexual marketplace? Dena, the madam at legal Las Vegas-area brothel Sheri’s Ranch says it’s possible, and believes their business model is one that other businesses could learn from.

In the latest blog post ‘Nevada Brothel: A Model for a Positive Workplace for Women’, Dena breaks down the issues that women contend with in the workplace – fair pay, personal agency, respect and the shortage of women in management positions – and says that each of these is attainable at Sheri’s Ranch.

“The overwhelming majority of revenue is generated by the services provided by sex workers, obviously making these women the highest paid workers in the establishment,” writes Dena of her Sheri’s Ranch employees. “Getting paid what we’re worth is a big issue for working women. The brothel’s solution: let the woman decide what her services are worth. Don’t put a limit on what a woman can ask for and you’ll discover that her clients will pay her what she desires.

“A woman also needs to know that she has a reasonable degree of control over her work and is empowered to make her own decisions… additionally, many sex workers have families, businesses, or other obligations outside of the bordello, so the women have the opportunity to set their own schedules.”

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