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Sherman on Uneducated Bloggers & Incurable Diseases

by Sherman from (a great new website)

What’s worse, to have an incurable disease, or live with uneducated bloggers? In ancient times, people would say the pen was mightier then the sword. Today, things have changed, not much though. Today, you can still die from ink poisoning, but a key pad?  It’s another form of purgatory.

     By now, everyone’s heard something about the recent HIV case that may or may not concern a female performer who may or may not have possibly contracted the disease from an individual who may or may not be an actual male talent or a known male talent who may or may have not passed it along with or with out his knowledge, have you already heard enough? I’ve been given plenty of “inside” info, all off the record, unconfirmed, blah, blah, blah. My sources are very reliable, don’t thrive in a gossip mentality and, to be honest, have more important things to deal with then pouring gasoline on a fire across the world wide web regarding some people’s misfortunes.

     A more troubling point became more visible on set this past week that is, given the sheer volume of revenue that uneducated bloggers post as fact being generated by “The Adult Entertainment Industry”, Billions is what they post, and, really, regardless of what the actual number is, let’s just agree it’s more then you and I made last year, right?  Having said that, am I the only person who finds it sad, that,  with so much at stake, {money, resources, human life, etc} that there is no place where, a female performer can go and find out straight info on things that impact her life? Her lively hood?  Probably not, which is the saddest educated statement you’ll see on this blog in a while I’m sure. In the meantime, key pads will dance at light speed creating more Innuendo, feeding personal agendas, and, when ever possible, possibly informing people, entertaining perhaps, but at the end of the day, simply looking for more traffic.

     Erotica LA 2009 was….smaller, {sorry, “more intimate”} then years past, really? Could it have something to do the fact that the Los Angeles Times reports that the Unemployment rate in the state of California is the highest it’s been since World War II? Possibly, but if you did go, you would know that: Faye Valentine is back doing boys, Wicked Pictures is the sole survivor in the “Biggest Booth” contest, although Jules Jordan Productions came in a very close second. And that’s not the only interesting point to both booths, which were directly across from one another.

     The contrast in fans seeking autographs from each booth was very different. While the line waiting to meet the Wicked Contract Girls wrapped around the booth, in talking with several fans in that line, most were very aware of the Wicked Pictures Brand, having seen it on television, and so forth. Very few could name any of the contract stars other then Stormy and Jessica Drake, and strangely enough, Brad Armstrong and Randy Spears
Also were mentioned frequently.

      Across the isle at the Jules Jordan booth, Jenna Haze, Misty Stone, Dana Dearmonde, Gianna Lynn, Kagney Linn Karter and Sunny Lane were each signing next to one another, each had their own respective line of fans, who knew  DVD titles, web sites, personal  appearance schedules and more, most got their info from various blogs,, my space pages, twitters or some place online. Very few mentioned conventional TV, or cable or even word of mouth.

       Another point stressed repeatedly: That most fans were willing to pay for good content featuring their favorites, many would prefer to get it straight from the performers themselves, {citing too many compilations, or just plain bad product} and while many admitted to down loading something for free, many also admitted to purchasing new product as well, looking for specific performers instead of just the new 18 year being cranked out.

     While many performers on hand spoke of the HIV situation, no one voiced any concern that they were in any type of danger, most felt AIM was doing an effective job, and  they were safe.

     Someone was named Miss Erotica LA, sorry I missed it, the FAME Awards went off without a hitch, Porn Dan and crew had Kress on Hollywood Blvd. jumping well into the night after the awards, Sunday came, and then Monday, the show was a memory.  And on Monday? Do you know anything about the performer who’s supposedly blah blah blah blah, no, I knew less then I did the previous Monday, what about the girl who came up positive not actually being a mainstream adult performer, what’s a mainstream Adult Performer anyway?  Then there’s the guy trying to explain how he couldn’t possibly be involved, the blogger promising new info from another blogger who says he’s been talking to a star about “explosive” information, WTF?  Get me outta here…


NL-Could Sherman be talking about LIB’s reporting? naw…

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