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Shooting Sizemore

Khunrum writes: “”Actor Tom Sizemore sentenced to 16 months in prison for breaking probation in drug case”…Looks like this fellow won’t be showing up at Porn Star Karaoke for awhile.”

Bob writes: “He recently had a reality show on VH1 called “Shooting Sizemore” or something. I watched one episode. It was painful. This begs the question when will Luke debut his reality show? Surely his life could be an inspiration to the millions of Americans living with Asbergers and vagina-phobia.”

Khunrum writes: “Big problem…there’s no room for a camera crew and Luke inside The Hovel. They’d have to shoot through the window from outside.”

Bob writes: “Maybe they could make a “blogger house” and put Luke in with Gene Ross, Mike Albo, Mike South in some camera rigged mansion. Each week a blogger is voted out based on their number of reported factual errors.”

Khunrum writes: “Stick John T. Bone in there too.”

Bob writes: “Bad idea. He and Luke would fight for the attention of the “lady boys.””

Khunrum writes: “Well, then, how about Lord Master Damien?”

Bob writes: “Master D might confused Luke’s t’ffilin with his bondage straps. I smell trouble.”

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