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Short fat bald guy married to the contract girl- Binge & Purge Rant #1

I’ve been in the adult biz for 16(?) years now? Full time for about 9. I find, unlike some of my commenters, I generally love the people in the x-rated industry. They are different then “regular” people. “They are” more open, more honest, more weird, sometimes crazy, outrageous, more out there, more okay with their quirks, not caring about civilian’s opinions, not afraid to do what ever they feel like doing and withstand the repercussions, because porn people are more forgiving, and more accepting and understanding, and more real, and sometimes more delusional, but that’s okay, because aren’t we all? And if we aren’t, don’t we wish we were?

 When I joined this group of “porn industry outsiders” I finally felt like I belonged. All those things that “they are”, I am also.

I loved that you could connect with someone you just met, and talk for hours. I loved that you could become best friends with someone that you talked to and e-mailed all the time but only saw twice a year at conventions. I loved that looks really didn’t matter to friendship. Sure they mattered to the stars popularity, but the short, fat, bald guy was married to the contract girl, and the tomboy PA was best friends with the perfect 10 starlet, and me the writer, librarian looking big sister figure went out to lunch with Mary, Gauge, Briana, Nicole , Amber, Felicia, Syren, Jenn, etc…. and no one seemed to care or even notice.

I guess that is what i love most about the industry is the acceptance. If you are a good person and a loyal friend, and treat people with care and concern, in general you will get that back. And in most instances, so far, I have. 

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