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Should All CrossOver Performers Be Outted?

OP/ED by Cindi

First we have to define crossover performers. Any guy who currently or recently works on both  the staight & gay side is definitely an active crossover performer. The big danger here being that the gay side doesn’t do monthly testing, and the rumor is that there are several gay performers who are HIV +

But thing get sticky from there…

If a guy works with transexual performers & straight performers he is often lumped in with being a gay/straight crossover performer but (according to my TS expert & friend) Wendy Williams says “Yes we as TS stars are required to have current test as the females do ”  Many other T/S performers agreed that they test every month. Mandy Mitchell says ” all my shoots are tested (condom or no)” So if a guy is having sex with T/S’s & straight side female talent and all are tested monthly, why would that guy still be considered a crossover performer?

If a guy USED to do gay scenes, but doesn’t anymore and now only does straight scenes, he is a straight performer, right?  (Many people say they  are we worried about his off camera activity, but how do we know what ANYONE does off camera?)

If a performer does sex scenes out of the US, especially with a T/S (they do not test in Brazil etc)  or gay partner, should they be quarentined before they can even be in a US scene?

What if female talent on the straight side does sex scenes with T/S’s? What if female straight talent is dating or living with a male crossover performer?

So we can’t even come up with a clear definition of who should be considered a Crossover Performer. ( If someone can, send it over)

There are some performers like ChristianX & Wolf Hudson, who openly admit they play both sides of the field. Honesty is always the best way to go in my opinion, but they get ridiculed for it.

There are some male talent who DO straight & T-girls and it just isn’t known to the general porn population. There are some performers who get outted by pissed off female talent when they find out they have just had sex with someone who fits their definition of a crossover performer.

A recent Twitter battle was going on between Lizz Tayler & “new Talent” Antonio Giovanni. Anthonio did a scene for Bang Brothers with Briana Banks, Diamond Foxxx & Aubrey Addams. It was then found out that Anthony “used” to be Ty Roderick, a performer on the gay side, and according to Lizz he had done a scene on the gay side 24 days earlier. Anthony finally admitted that he did the scene, says he’s sorry, didn’t realize it was such a big deal. When someone mentioned “Cameron Reed” aka Derrick Burts, Antonio had no idea who that was.

 So to wrap this up…

What criteria should be used to define a crossover performer?

Should we make a list of those that fit the definition and post it?

Who do you think should be on that list?


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