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Should I Revive the Lukeys Awards?

Luke F-rd announces the winners of the “Lukeys” for the Best Porn of 1998:

Best Film – Models
Best Video – The Lecher 2
Best New Starlet – Inari Vachs
Male Performer of the Year – Mr. Marcus
Female Performer of the Year – Jill Kelly
Director of the Year – John Leslie

Email: “The Lukeys should have nothing to do with “Best of” anything. Rather, they should be given for various reasons that only have to do with any sort of controversy they sparked (which in turn played well on your site). Example: A Lukey for Nude World Order for its role in prompting the most-written-about “witchhunt for Luke’s source,” on both yours and Gene’s sites. How about a special Lukey for Alec Metro for biting part of Nancy Vee’s privates off? you get the idea…I’m sure you could come up with many more flicks and/or performers and/or industry players who deserve Lukeys for varous and assorted reasons. A Chuck Martino Lukey for the most lies (according to Chuck) spoken about him?”

NL- Should I revive the Lukeys? And what should the criteria be to win? What categories should we have? Give me some ideas of what you guys think. Of course you would have a big part in picking the winners.

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